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Driving Skill 101: Encountering An Idiot at Toll Booth

idiot toll accident

(Idiots comes in many forms and “cars” – the above is an incident in NY. Photo source:

It was almost 9 pm when I arrived at the toll booth after running some late-night errand. The traffic at the toll was not that heavy and moving on well. In front of me was a Proton Wira and this is the idiot whom I am talking about.

First, he droved up to the toll booth rather leisurely which was fine with me because I was not rushing as well. Then he stopped and queried how much was the toll to be paid. This bugger was starting to get on my nerve – didn’t this guy saw the BIG signboard just before the toll booth which displayed the various toll charges? The car displayed a Klang Valley plate number, so was the driver living in a cocoon when Samy Vellu announced the cut-throat toll charges?


The girl at the toll booth replied him. Only then, he was looking high and low in the car for the “change” and it took some seconds before he managed to get the money for the toll. Little he realised that the driver behind him was fast losing his patience. The toll bar went up but the car did not move but rather the idiot in front was fiddling with something in his car.

That was the last straw – I sounded my horn hard and long. The car moved but stopped again. The idiot was looking in his rear mirror. Good – I was hoping he would come out so that I could give him a piece of my mind (or a piece of my fist) so that there is less one idiot on the road. But alas, he did not – he just drove off, slowly whilst looking in his rear mirror.

I paid the ‘cut-throat” toll charges and sped up to “catch up” with the idiot driver. But unfortunately, he sped and quickly left me. No wonder there is unnecessary traffic jams at the toll booths.

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  1. i think u r stupid and impatient plus a gangster…u sud smack ur own face for being a loser gangster…yup lose in temper…

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