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(One of the books that was laid off for sometime before I managed to read it “cover to cover”)

When I am not in front of my laptop playing games or watching a movie, I am on my bed with a thick book, completely “lost” in a fantasy world.

Just a couple of days more for the year end closing, I thought of starting a new column on the side of this blog to display the book that I am reading now. This concept is nothing new – most of you may have “What I am reading now” column in your blog. I am just starting with one – a new endeavour for the blog for the New Year.

Having a dedicated bookshelf helps to get organised with the reading materials. By now, I have completed almost the entire collections in the bookshelf but I am targeting to finish those books which I did not read “cover to cover” previously (I am surprised to many interesting things “hidden” within the pages of the books).

I even managed to complete reading the unabridged version Lord of Rings, notching another target in this year’s New Resolution (Although the book fared better, Peter Jackson did a good justice to the Tolkien’s masterpiece with his Lord of the Rings trilogy).

Check the side bar titled “Busy Reading” in the main page for future updates

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