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Hindraf – PM: Meeting or Not?

It is little wonder why the Malaysian politicians are laughing stock in and out of Malaysia.

See if you can pick the “180” degree turn in the following statements by the Naz(r)i & Zam guy – Pak Lah’s usual “mouthpiece”:-

“But I personally feel that a meeting should not be held with Hindraf now as it means we are bowing to its threats.

Meanwhile, in Langkawi, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said there was no need for the Prime Minister to meet Hindraf.

He said Malaysians, including most Indians, who were upset by the group’s action, would not want Abdullah to meet the group.

Ok, this is the deal – Hindraf wanting to meet the PM to submit their concerns is not a “NEW” story.

In fact, they wanted to see the PM way back in August, way back before they decided to do a big rally in KL, way back before the peaceful protest was turned “violent” and when temples were being demolished or harshly relocated without any concern. Heck, they even rallied in Putrajaya but the PM was “deaf back” then. The Government may not have agreed on all the 18 points of the memorandum but they should not have shunned these people outright.


Hindraf also wrote letters to the PM on their concerns and was crying for help in name of justice and equality but little was revealed to indicate whether the PM actually responded to the said letters. The “elegant silence” during the protest seems to say that PM did not and it backed-fire on 25th November 2007.

Hindraf have rallied and wrote letters but there was no response – perhaps the Government was thinking on how to react and response to Hindraf. But all hell broke loose when the State Government decided that it was “ok” to demolish a temple just before Deepavali, obvious to the feeling of the Indians who was preparing to celebrate Deepavali (even Samy Vellu seemed powerless to help out). Who are the Indians to protest anyway, so they thought. The State Government just had to stir up the “hornet’s nest” didn’t they?

So, what’s next? Start a signature petition campaign as some CM from Penang suggested? Go begging to MIC to “start preparing another half yearly reports” for the PM to “read” during his dinner time? Whom they are kidding here, right? After Bersih’s peaceful march in KL, peaceful march by Hindraf seemed to be the next step.

In fact, it looks like it was the only way to go if the issues are to be brought up to the attention of the public (and to the international community). Perhaps embarrassed or taken surprised by the consecutive street protests, the Government took a very hard stand on the protest. But Hindraf decided to proceed with the peaceful protest rally anyway – the Government indirectly opened a window of opportunity to “publicise” the rally even further – thanks to water cannons and tear-gas.

Of course, after the “response” from the Government against the protestors and when more people started to question the Government and MIC’s inactions, the PM said that he is willing to listen to the concerns and put rest to the “lies” from Hindraf. Some said “it is about time” that the PM started to look into the issues and wanted the issue to be settled amicably.

So, Hindraf was back to round one of trying to meet up with the PM and now, 2 of Pak Lah’s ministers says that it is not necessary. Doesn’t it look stupid? You ignore the person in the first place but got a slap on the face when they decided to march up and bring up issue in public. You try to do damage control by saying that you are wiling to listen but keep dragging the feet. In the end, you say it is not necessary to meet up.

Probably that is why we are having the street protests lately – Government has become so arrogant that it does not even have the courtesy or time to listen out on the issues from the public. All our “wakil rakyat” (people’s representatives) in the Parliament have ended up as “wakil parti” (party’s representatives). So, where else the people want to convey their sentiments? The party’s wishes end up coated as “people’s wish” when it is not!

And in between Kerismudin is looking for scapegoats, elsewhere to blame for the street protest – he should look at himself and his colleagues in the Cabinet.

Pak Lah, you are going to meet Hindraf and settle the issue for once and for all or not? If you say no, then what Hindraf did to highlight the issue make a lot of sense, doesn’t it? The ball is in your court, Pak Lah. Are you really the PM for ALL Malaysians?

(By the way Zam, you are dead wrong! Malaysians, including most Indians are upset but on the Government’s actions – they want Abdullah to response on the real issues and meet the group. Please don’t talk empty and waste the space in the papers. And please don’t misuse the word “Malaysians” for personal shortcomings).

You cannot go on an “ignorance” mode for too long.

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7 thoughts on “Hindraf – PM: Meeting or Not?”

  1. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    — Arthur Schopenhauer

  2. You are right and well said. This was also said in a letter to malaysiakini by Malayamuda yesterday.

    Hindraf had alaways wanted to address this issue wt the Government from day one. But the Government ignored Hindraf just like they always ignore the Indians.

    Pak Lah dont bluff everyone that you are PM for all Malaysians. All your rosy talk and punch lines dont work anymore. Islam Hadhari is Zilch- no one knows whats it about. Gembilang, Terbilang Temberang also we dunno whats it means………. u have failed miserably. We seriously dunno who’s the Prime Minister these days……… Nazri, Zam Mamak or Khairy.

    Tell me how u know that majority Indians are happy with MIC Zam, show me proof. We talk everyday with fellow Malaysians and we know that UMNO is doomed this time – unless of course they cheat again.

    People are even willing to vote for PAS cos they said PAS people are more God fearing, the dont go breaking temples like Mad dogs. UMNO using religion for itself. Religion should be banned from politics actually. Politicians play with religion for personal gain, and in the process make the religion look bad, just like what the terrorists are doing.

    Leave my religion to me !!!

  3. by the way guys , another one of your temples were broken today by Majlis Bandaran Melaka today.

    He’s hearing and he’s got BIG ears remember………….

  4. I recall that when UMNO delegates to the 2006 UMNO general assembly made racist comments, including one Perlis delegate egging Hishamuddin Tun Hussein on to use his keris, the excuse provided by the UMNO top leaders was again ‘inexperience’.

    Yet when Hindraf was alleged to have used the words ‘minor genocide in Kampong Medan’, UMNO Ministers wanted to have the police (meaning UMNO) charge the Hindraf leaders for incitement.

  5. Quoting Nazri, Toyol had no experience, now Ali Rustam has no expereince, later Najib has no experience, Badawi has no experience and the final cut the country has no experience. What can we do?

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