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Before you die…

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Lately, the sky have looked gloomy for non-Muslims in this country and in light of “convert” Islamisation in this country, there is little doubt to wonder why.

The act of body-snatching, once confined to old horror movies and novels, has become almost synonymous with religion zealots from the local religion department. We seem to be hearing such cases year in, year out.

The very same people who been “missing” from the scene when the so-called convert was still alive (and had trouble living normal life), suddenly become actively involved after the convert had passed away. In fact, I would not be surprised if one day after I have passed away as a true blue Hindu, the little napoleons come knocking on my door proclaiming that I have been living as a Muslim and as such need to be buried as one. What option that my wife will have against the powerful corrupt officials then.

The same question must be running in Chuan Chun’s mind as she waits for the dead husband’s body returned to her.

If you think that the courts will help you in anyway, tough luck buddy – there are too many confusions at the court. To give you a gist of the confusion, have a look at this:-

Syariah court is only for Muslims.

To dispute one’s conversion into Islam, it must be done in a Syariah court.

The parties disputing the conversion are not Muslims.

This means they cannot bring the case up in Syariah court (as it is meant for Muslims remember?).

Then it means they cannot dispute the conversion.

The non Muslim’s only avenue is the civil courts.

But the Civil court says that they don’t interfere with Syariah courts.

Back to square one!

In the meantime, the zealots are busy digging up the ground for the burial.

What’s left to do?

You tried fighting the “officials” and tried your luck in the courts – just like gambling, you end up with empty hands. What more you can do? Plenty if you ask me.

Well, for start – try having plenty of witnesses of your “non-Islamic” activities and if possible, of anyone who is not your family members. I am sure that some of the MPs will be willing to be one; especially they are looking for your support in the next general election. Mingle as frequent and as visible possible in the non-Islamic festivals. Go to churches and temples whenever possible instead “hiding” in the house, watching TV. The more you show your face in the church and temples, it is easier to get people to remember you.

If you are a drinker, try shouting “yam seng” louder than usual as you are washing down a jug of beer down your throat. That should get people to notice you in “lowly lit” pubs. Publicity is good (learn that from politicians). Imagine 1,000 complete strangers giving evidence (in court, media, blogs, etc) that you were at all material time was not practising Islamic norms and beliefs.


Instead of writing your will, start writing a confession (again with credible witnesses) that you are NOT a Muslim and never thought of being one. So, if anyone claiming you to be one (easier now that you are dead), your last testament will probably save your widow a whole lot of trouble. Of course, keep the testament safe from itchy hands to avoid the defence of forgery from being used later. To be “extra” sure, repeat this in your will, emails, blogs and letters to your pen-pal and secret lovers. Clear “writings on the wall” is always welcomed.


Always double check with official records on the status of your religion. You will never know when a computer bug decides to be a “Taliban” and change your status as a Muslim. Don’t wait until you have dropped dead. Be quick if you find something suspicious – alert the necessary authorities on this and to be on the safe side, highlight this “quick change of religion status” in the mainstream medias, prominent opposition party’ blogs, prominent bloggers and websites. The more you make noise, it shows that 1. You are not keen to be a Muslim and 2. There is something wrong with the system and others need to watch for.

But if you have decided to convert and follow it through, make sure that you informed the relevant and necessary people so that there is no unnecessary confrontation when you have died. At least, when the body is being taken away, these people (family members and friends) will just say silent prayers and head back home. Don’t be a coward and keep silent.

Hopefully with the above steps, you don’t have to go through what Chuan Chun is going through.

(P.S. This post was not meant to offend any “peace loving, mosque going” Muslims. Argghh…you get what I mean)

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1 thought on “Before you die…”

  1. Gosh never thought one must take such a helleva precautions to tell the people, particularly people who would mistake my religion, that I am not a Muslim. Imagine an innocent housewife confined to the house, turning over to become an extrovert person, and perhaps standing outside her house and telling everyone she meets that she has not changed her religion. Gan was 70, sick unable to speak much, M.Moorthy was in a coma, and both were converted. So when you are sick, make sure you hold in your hand a symbol of whatever religion you follow, to deter these body snatchers coming near you. At the same time a group of visitors or friends can organise a prayer vigil that will offset any ill intentions of the religious marauders on the prowl.

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