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Enforcement 101: Police Brutality – Free for all?

(Photo source: Malaysiakini)

Imagine this:-

You are driving along the road near Bandar Mahkota Cheras and stopped to see the protests by the residents. The police asks you to drive away which you did but suddenly you are surrounded by 20 FRU personnel claiming that you ran over one of the officers and they start beating you without mercy. Sounds far fetched?

From Malaysiakini:-

In no time at all, however, Chang Jiun Haur was soaked in his own blood after being repeatedly beaten by 20 riot squad (FRU) personnel armed with batons and kicked with boots.

Chang, 21, his sister and two friends were driving away from the site of the barricade about 11.30pm, when their car was surrounded by police personnel who had earlier dealt with a fracas involving BMC residents.

A high-ranking police officer at the scene claimed that Chang had run over a FRU personnel with his car.

“He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved,” the officer told Malaysiakini a few minutes after the incident.

Has the police has come down to the level of thugs when one high ranking officer can say “He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved”. Did Chang really “deserve” the beatings?

Assuming that the high ranking police officer is right – Chang in mere confusion or perhaps deliberately could have ran over a FRU personnel. No one can ascertain this statement as both parties claim innocence. But certainly the alleged act by Chang does not give the open right for 20 police officers to surround the young man and start bashing him up. Did Chang do something serious, especially when it was revealed later by another police officer that Chang did not run over any police personnel?

Watch this video and see for yourself whether the FRU personnel have downgraded themselves to mere street gangsters and started taking law in their own hands, despite being in uniform?


Why the police couldn’t arrest Chang in a better manner – stop the car and talk to Chang to get from the car peacefully. Why the police asked the reporters to switch off their cameras? Assuming that Chang was violent, was the excessive force was needed to bring Chang down? Did kicks from heavy boots was required?

Will the Home Minister proceed to make an investigation on this alleged police brutality? Or take the usual way of presuming the victim to be at fault? Certainly the 21 year old did not deserve the high ended beatings and certainly the police officers who used the excessive force should not be get away scot free.

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9 thoughts on “Enforcement 101: Police Brutality – Free for all?”

  1. Most shocking !

    “He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved,” the officer told Malaysiakini a few minutes after the incident.

    Fairnes & mercy are absent .

    “Has the police has come down to the level of thugs “?

    Let the world opinion judge that.

    Not much different compared to US police beating
    civilians 2 weeks ago.

    We need a Parliamentary investigation into this.


  2. I think its time there is an independant commision to investigate this and take matters into court. I dont think these people should be allowed to escape from taking responsibilities or their action.

    How can it be called a professional force when they clearly don’t behave in such a manner. Disgusting.

  3. No different from what had happened during the hindraf and bersih rally.

    There are many incidents of police brutalities…but nothing is ever investigated as they are the ‘protected’ lords. Protected by whom..we all know la.

    Believe me, there will be no investigations, no anything done until someone dies..or a police/fru personnel dies….then you can see all the hub-la


  4. hehehe…Now why am I so not surprised eh? Police standards has certainly dropped. When I was growing up, they could beat people senseless and not leave a single mark…tsk tsk tsk….

    I’m not condoning what happened but mob rules I guess 🙁

    Cheers!!! 😀



  6. that chinese guy deserved it la..he tried to ram the police.. if you are the police,you would probably do the same larrr… i was there to see..

  7. Thats Asia for you :/

    Curiosity kills the cat, but you cant help it.. Its like slowing down when you come across a gang shoot out, cant blame anyone if you get shot too.

    In Asia police are the kings, until the army boys rolls in.. if I see a riot or any sort of protest myself in any Asian country, I would avoid it like its the black death.

  8. Eliaau – if he had tried to ram the police, was it necessary for the police to use the excessive force to bring him down? Perhaps in the heat of the moment, the police may have overreacted but they should not forget that they are enforcing law of the country, not the law of the jungle.

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