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Parenting 101: Dealing With Vanishing Smart Kid

(Nurin, you always be remembered and be a constant reminder to other parents. Image source:

How many times you have heard this announcement?

“Dear valued shoppers, there is a kid here, wearing a red shirt and green pants, anyone have lost their kid, please come to the information counter to pick the kid up”

Whenever we hear this at the hypermarket, we would stand in anger and wonder how parents can lose their kids. Thankfully after the Nurin tragedy, such “announcements” died down rather quickly. Parents are certainly keeping closer eyes on their children. We used think that the parents were irresponsible until my son decided to prove me wrong.

These days, my son actually does a slow jog whenever we are walking around in shopping complexes and hyper marts. Within seconds, he is ahead of us by couple of metres and it is not long before we had to do a slow jog ourselves to catch up with him. If he is at the line of sight – it is not a problem, we always know where he is. The problem starts when he makes a quick turn to the left or right. By the time we catch up on “his last known position”, he had disappeared. Vanished!

My wife and I will then form a quick “search and rescue team” to locate this witty, fast guy. Thankfully all the time, we can “locate” this guy in seconds for he always get distracted by something nearby and he goes not get far.

The problem however is compounded if I am alone with my son – I just have to do extra work to look for him. Often we are able to grab him but soon after he will wriggle himself from our hands and starts his “slow jog” again. If all things fail, the last option that we have is to grab him and carry him with him protesting aggressively. Once he is inside the car, things are deemed as “eagle is in the nest” and we can then breathe easily.

It is a good workout for me but the worry of missing kids is always in our mind when my son starts his “slow jogs”. We don’t mind his walks but certainly not over the issue of safety. We are waiting for captor alike tracking system for kids, sigh.

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2 thoughts on “Parenting 101: Dealing With Vanishing Smart Kid”

  1. hhmm..Judging from the looks of things, both of you are having quite a work out keeping up with the little one. Good exercise indeed with the jogs 🙂

    Cheers!!! 😀

    PS>> Cool new layout, like it!

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