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Tamil Movie Review: Aegan 2008, Ajith’s Passable But Watchable Action Movie

Aegan Ajith tamil movie

(This movie has all the right stuff including 2 of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema industry but as usual, things get screwed up by half cooked storyline and bad directing. All images source: Times of India)

Having nothing much to do on a Monday afternoon (ya, I was on leave), I decided to catch a movie. Any movie would do – I and my wife did not have any preference since it has been some time since we last stepped into a cinema. We did not plan to see a particular movie. All we wanted to do to catch the earliest movie that we could see and leave.

Aegan was just 30 minutes away from showtime when we bought the tickets (that was the earliest movie anyway), so here’s a short review of it

The Plot

This movie is actually a remake of Shahrukh’s “Main Hoon Na” but with a slight change here and there (perhaps to suit the Tamil movie viewers). The story (from Behindwoods):-

Ajith is Raju Sundaram’s version of an encounter specialist, whose prowess is demonstrated with a shoot-and-deliver-a-punch-before-you-kill scene in Hong Kong.

He’s called back by his superior, who is also his father, to trace a criminal’s aide (Devan) who turned into a police approver and later went into hiding fearing for his life after experiencing the cops’ inability to protect him.

Now when the police intelligence discovers that Devan’s daughter studies in a college in Ooty, they come up with a clever idea of sending Ajith to the college as a student to find the whereabouts of Devan from his daughter.

Looks all fine and in right steps to be a blockbuster but poor directorship and patchy storyline let down the movie. Raja Sundaram should have kept to his talents as dance choreographer rather than trying his hands on movie directing.

Obvious amateurism in directing shows in some places and don’t even ask me about the climax. I was half asleep when that happened.

Hero Ajith

The main lead actor in this movie – Ajith brings along his cool acting from Billa and manages to put up strong acting throughout the movie.

Raja Sundaram should have exploited Ajith’s character in a beard (where he kills without mercy) and his anger (like a guy who gets bashed up just because he hit the back of Ajith’s character’s head) and no-sense attitude of a CB CID but Raja Sundaram instead focussed Ajith as the “lover” instead. That itself changed the character of Ajith from a tough cop to a soft teenager. Sad, sad!

It’s ok but the fight scene should have reduced – it is far too long and it does not make sense on the second part of the movie. Ajith when on assignment in Hong Kong pops 8 – 10 triad members (no one messes with these guys) with pinpoint gunshots and fighting skills (ya, without getting injured, of course) but finds it hard to fight the head villain.

That does not make sense especially the head villain (played ineffectively by Summan from the Sivaji The Boss fame) is an aged man and is all alone. Raja Sundaram, please watch the fight scenes in Anjathey and you will learn something valuable.

Nayantara & Others

Perhaps Nayantara (or Raja Sundaram) did not see the movie “Kaakha Kaakha” and did not see how Jothika portrayed her character as a teacher.

Nayantara is too far sexy to be a science professor. She may have been put in there for commercial purposes but it adds another “patch” to the already patchy storyline. Nayantara acts more like a troubled teenager than as a controlled professor and falls too easily in love for her students. Bad acting or bad storyline – both ways did not go too well for Nayantara.

There are other characters in the movie – some are big-name actors and actresses but is reduced to small, insignificant parts. The director wanted to focus the attention to Ajith, Nayantara and the college students


The saving grace of the movie!

The cinematographer Arjun Jena has done a good job. The camera shot (equalling to some Hollywood movies) is applauded. The right use of colours and lights further enhanced the crystal shot of the scenes such as the murder at the parking lot (that was a big wow!). Certain scenes remind of Matrix – it is cold and creepy.


No Tamil movie would be complete without its music and songs, right?

Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a good job although the music scenes in the movie could be cut down. My pick of the songs would be “Hey Baby” and “Kichu Kichu”. The song “Hey Baby” was well picturized with interesting background dancers (coming in Charlie Chaplin, fancy colourful outfits and ancient attires).

The dance sequence is not so bad too (for all song sequences) – Raja Sundaram must have added his touch on this one. A special mention must be made on the studio set for the song sequences – it adds flavour to the rhythm of Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Final say

The plus points: Ajith, Camera Shots, Songs and Dance sequences

The negative points: Patchy storyline, too many fight sequences and Nayantara sexy character, funny scenes that are not funny

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