Month: December 2008

There are 2 types of scumbags, idiots, and bastards when it comes to misuse of the emergency lane – one is the bastards who uses the emergency lane and another, the idiots who allow them.

(The jam starts)

We went to KLIA last Saturday night to send off close relatives and when we came back, it started to rain “dogs and cats” but we had expected a clear road back home.… Click to read the rest

Bearing, Hub & Suspension 0 (0)

(The original suspension that I “ripped off and threw away” a few days ago)

Driving has been miserable for me for the last few weeks and it is all due to faulty wheel bearing. The loud rumbling sound comes from the wheels wherever I take a corner.

This is not the first time I am having faulty wheel bearings.… Click to read the rest

Kavilan tagged me a lot time ago with his post titled “5 People/Groups That I’d Rather Have as the Prime Minister of Malaysia”. As I was busy with the NaNoWriMo project, I have held back doing this post (sorry, bro)

Here it goes…

The 5 People/Groups That I’d rather have as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in no particular order are as follows:-

(Image source: to read the rest

(An old one but worth refreshing for the upcoming Christmas)

The jumper’s name was “Will” and that he was devastated after not receiving a Christmas bonus. He couldn’t even afford to buy his kids presents this year, and suicide seemed like the only way out.

But the funny part was this…

Read the full story here – it is hilarious, yet touching

(All image source:

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