Fishermen Returns

(Fishermen returns – click here for higher resolution)

Had a good trip to East Coast on last weekend – it was joy for me to found the joy of photographing. Just wished I had better lenses to pick up this shot.

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Tamil Movie Review: Aegan 2008, Ajith’s Passable But Watchable Action Movie

Aegan Ajith tamil movie

(This movie has all the right stuff including 2 of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema industry but as usual, things get screwed up by half cooked storyline and bad directing. All images source: Times of India)

Having nothing much to do on a Monday afternoon (ya, I was on leave), I decided to catch a movie. Any movie would do – I and my wife did not have any preference since it has been some time since we last stepped into a cinema. We did not plan to see a particular movie. All we wanted to do to catch the earliest movie that we could see and leave.

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The Malayan U Boat Part 7

Having nothing to do at the dock, both the Captain Franz and Ernst left for the base mess hall for some drinks – it was their only entertainment for the night.

“When did you last meet your family in Berlin, captain?”

“It has been a while since I last saw – almost 2 years of active duty have taken far from home.… [Click to read the rest] “The Malayan U Boat Part 7”

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