Highway 101: Real Emergency Queue Jumper? Well, it’s possible!

emergency lane queue jumper

(Some people do not know how to queue. They will just use the emergency lane to cut through the traffic jam)

Last weekend, we had an invitation from a relative for a short gathering. To drive to KL, we opted to use the North-South highway and cut out at Jalan Duta.

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“Santa Claus” Goodies in Batang Ai

(Santa Clause comes in many forms and intents. Image source: http://earthfirst.com)

Anilnetto reports the “goodies” among others are:-

  • RM2 million for Longhouses in Batang Ai
  • Land titles
  • RM60 million for various developments in Batang Ai
  • RM45 million in subsidies
  • Rural grants
  • Road improvements
  • Fish breeding course
  • RM12 million for roads in Batang Ai
  • Cash rebate
  • Phone, Internet service soon

As always, it looks like by-elections are good for the people in electoral area – development comes at lighting speed.… [Click to read the rest] ““Santa Claus” Goodies in Batang Ai”

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I am a Malaysian first

RPK hit the point right! From his post titled “Bodoh punya India dan Melayu!”:-

But what is unsettling is the way the Indians constantly talk about Indian this and Indian that. Every time these ex-MIC Indians open their mouths it must be about Indian rights, Indian interests, hak India, kepentingan India, and whatnot.

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All yours, son

(Image source: Shell Malaysia)

I was at SHELL petrol station the other day, pumping petrol when I noticed my son tapped on the window and pointed at something. He motioned me to look at the direction. It was a poster of SHELL’s Ferrari car collection. He wind down the window and said “Daddy, I want the yellow one”.… [Click to read the rest] “All yours, son”

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“A” Grade

(Why have an “A” grade body when the end result is not effective? Image source: http://good50x70.org)

Malaysiakini reports:-

Opposition parliamentarians want the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) to be downgraded from A to B, charged Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz today

In theStar, it was reported:-

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, in his reply, said the reason to pass the bill was to comply with the requirements set by the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (ICC) so that Suhakam (the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) would retain its Grade A category.

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Spicy Sambal 101: Ever Wondered Why It Is Getting Sweeter?

sambal spicy nasi lemak

(Ever wondered why the “spicy” sambal is getting sweeter these days? It is a disgrace to the very reason why we have many types of sambal in our dishes the first place. Image source: Wikipedia)

I guess somewhere in the universe, some planets or stars must have crossed paths and the nasi lemak sellers down in Malaysia have decided to put more sugar (instead of chilly) into the “must-have” deadly concoction.

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Earth Hour 2009

(2,140 cities, towns and municipalities in 82 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming – Image source: http://www.earthhour.org)

At 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March, people from all corners of the world will turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour – and cast their vote for action on climate change.… [Click to read the rest] “Earth Hour 2009”

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Multi Level Talk

(Cartoon source: http://beancounterblog.com)

I guess it is going to be sooner or later for one to be entangled or in touch with the multi level marketing business, especially when one is getting more “noticed” within the family and friends.

Certainly with a slowdown of economy, many are opting for second or even third jobs to get that extra income.… [Click to read the rest] “Multi Level Talk”

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Eye Sore

(Not as bad as this though – Image source: http://news.bbc.co.uk)

It started as a mild eye sore on Monday morning but this morning, I could hardly open my left eye.

The doctor said it was an infection but then again could be the heat – have plenty of tables and eye drops to be taken for the next few days.… [Click to read the rest] “Eye Sore”

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Enough Bodyguards?

(How many bodyguards is needed in Perak? Image source: http://www.impawards.com)

AKJ wrote this in his blog:-

The Perak’s State Assembly Speaker, V Sivakumar, told the Sin Chew Daily that he’s being guarded by up to 20 bodyguards whenever he’s in public. The minimum is four

I am not sure if Sivakumar is under real danger or he feels good being surrounded by bodyguards.

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