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Hell is here

(It is so dry here – Image source:

It was almost 9.15 pm when I reached home, tired and weak.

I have been having “dry” coughs ever since I returned from the Pangkor trip. So the drive home was not pleasant as it used to be. It strains me even more to navigate through the traffic.

I reached home and was hungry – good thing was my wife made cooked up a hearty dinner. I noticed my son was playing in the living room, without his shirt on. He was feeling warm despite sitting down under the fan. I opted not to play with him – I did not want him to contract the dry coughs as well. Besides, I have not taken my bath. Still coughing, I made myself up to the master bedroom, getting ready for a “cool” bath. The bedroom was warm but the bathroom was warmer.

I touched the wall of the bathroom and it was hot. It was as if someone had placed a large fire behind the wall and the fire was getting hotter. I switched on the tap, hoping for cool shower but was disappointed when it was nothing but a mild “air suam” (almost a warm water).

When I stopped the shower, I started to sweat. I was still feeling hot when I walked down after my “shower”. The temperature on outside the house at night was thankfully low – there was a slight cool breeze in between. But despite this, there was no sign of the interior of the house getting cooler.

I am praying for heavy rain soon.

By the way, this is a relieve – Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin whose position as the legitimate Menteri Besar has been re-affirmed by the recent High Court ruling, have suspended the State Secretary and the State Legal Advisor – the key characters in the on-going turmoil in Perak.

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