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Instant Dinner

“Buy 1 packet Maggi, Curry, For Breakfast

That was the message I got from my wife on my phone late last night, as I was packing up to return home. Hmm, maggi instant noodles? It has been sometime since I had a hot bowl of instant noodles. I recall when I was young, these instant noodles was a life saver.

(One of the better ones in flavour – Image source:

When finances were tight, we used to have instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was once, my siblings and I had to share one packet of instant noodles – we added a lot of water for the “gravy” so that we have enough to keep our stomachs full. Of course, this was a long, long time ago when life was tough and sometimes unforgiving.

Suddenly I had this urge for a hot bowl of instant noodles for late night dinner.

I stopped at the neighbourhood petrol station (which has a good stock of instant noodles variations and at a reasonable price too). Grabbed a packet of 5 instant noodles and headed towards the counter. Half way I stopped and went back to grab another 2 packets.

Returned home and gave clear instruction to my wife – needed 2 packets of instant noodles, added with eggs, special chilly powder from India, onions, vegetables and with less water for thicker gravy. Done with instructions, I headed for a quick shower and anticipations. My wife, being one of the best cooks around, added her own recipe into the preparations.

Dinner, despite the heat, was one the best in recent months.

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2 thoughts on “Instant Dinner”

  1. early mrng u made me hungry aledi by looking at this…. YUMMMMYYYY!!! Maggi with egg is a must! Wat chilli powder? Baba’s, or Alagappa’s?

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