Saya Anak Bangsa

(KJ may have said things that are against the concept Saya Anak Malaysia in the past but hopefully he had realised that embarking on Saya Anak Malaysia would be the right way for country. Image source: Saya Anak Malaysia)

An interesting conversation that took place on 1Malaysia:-

The biggest laughter came with the final question from Khairy, who asked half-farcically: “Now, tell me, is 1Malaysia the best thing that ever happened since Merdeka?”

Chin Huat: “Well, I generally don’t trust politicians. For me, the public needs to view them like pets. You have to train them or they will go wild on you. It’s just like having a dog, you know. Put it through a training regime, then it will serve you well.” (Ouch… the man can bite!)

Haris: “Where’s the sincerity? You say 1Malaysia, but the nation is still divided into bumiputra and non-bumiputra.”

Khairy: “But Haris, aren’t you a bumiputra yourself?”

Haris: “I’m not a bumiputra. I’m an Anak Bangsa Malaysia.”

(Source: Saya Anak Malaysia)

Saya Anak Malaysia was founded on this notion that all of us are first and foremost Malaysians and Malaysia is our Home. “One People, One Nation” is what we need to achieve at the end of the day. 1Malaysia maybe another but before we can embark on that journey, we need to recognise that we all are in the first place Anak Malaysia.

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