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Politics 101: Mission Selangor Take Over Plan (STOP)

Misi Tawan Selangor

(Before STOP, there were many other missions to wrestle back the richest state, Selangor in the country. Image source: Malaysia Today)

STOP is the latest campaign launched by the oppositions in the state of Selangor (that’s BN to you and me) to wrestle back the state from Pakatan Rakyat. This, I guess, is the latest of many campaigns in the past – perhaps probably after the failed “we need more jumping frogs” campaign.

Ever since the state of Selangor fell into the hand of the opposition, there have been intense calls and actions to wrestle back the state. And since 2008, we have to look at various “incidents” that have proved very challenging for the PR led administration. Incidents such as:-

  • The cow head incident in Shah Alam
  • The investigations into Opposition Assemblymen’s accounts by MACC (which led to one falling to his death from MACC’s building)
  • The allegations that Opposition MP protested on azan in the morning (which led to arrest under ISA for a week)
  • The issue of a centralised pig farm in Selangor (which actually was BN’s original idea but all fingers blamed the PR State Government)

In fact, things were getting so serious that RPK said this in Malaysia Today:-

And the first thing that Khir Toyo did when Selangor fell to the opposition (other than to shred all the evidence of wrongdoing) was to instruct the Selangor state agencies and government departments to sabotage the Pakatan Rakyat government.

And this is what they are doing, every day of the week. Thus the ‘funny things’ that are happening in Selangor including the beer issue and the arrest of the ex-Perlis Mufti and the temple demolitions and whatnot

You could say that not only is the head moving in opposite directions from the body but the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing as well.

And this is how they will eventually bring down the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor — by creating discontentment by doing a lot of ‘unpopular’ things to make life difficult for the people — which will result in the voters becoming disgusted with the opposition and eventually kicking them out like what happened in Terengganu in 2004 after only five years of an opposition government.

But alas, Selangor did not fall in January 2010 as predicted by RPK but that does not mean it will not in the near future.

BN certainly have come a long way since the year they took the worst beating in the electoral. Changes looked more evident on paper after Najib took over from Pak Lah and start promoting his 1Malaysia concept (though not sure whether it is the same in spirit with Bangsa Malaysia). With the existence of Perkasa, UMNO, for the moment, seems to be tamer.

And leading to the Hulu Selangor by-election, BN has a good chance to win back at least this seat.

Many more changes seem to be at hand, given the outcome of the recent STOP convention.

After a long time, there seems to be some kind of acceptance that what BN has been doing in the past is not right and recognition of what has been done wrong. There seems to be a cry to make real change – one for the people instead of for personal or for the party.

Bernama reports:-

BN Selangor convention chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed said there were the factors which caused the people to lose confidence in the coalition. He said the first cause was the conflict among the BN component parties.

“The second cause was when efforts, which were carried out to champion the people’s interests, changed into actions in pursuit of their own interests,” he said in his speech at the opening of the one-day convention here today.

Mohd Zin said other causes included failure of the BN to fully utilise information technology and the coalition’s lack of understanding on the needs and aspiration of young voters.

He also emphasised the need to instil spirit of brotherhood among BN members to strengthen the coalition and win back the voters’ hearts.

Interestingly other reasons like blatant arrogance, high-handiness when dealing with demolishment of temples, wastage of public funds, visible corruption were conveniently left out.

But it is ok – at least, there is some effort made to at least say that they did something wrong instead of blaming it on the people and accuse the people of not appreciating the “good governing” by BN in the past. I say – good for BN.

Coming back to STOP, the oppositions in Selangor may have re-strategised on their efforts to get back the state of Selangor from Pakatan.

If they are going to do it the proper way by helping the people in the state, being sincere in their intentions and work hard to regain the trust of the people and finally regaining back the state by winning it in the elections, then we all welcome the change and may even give BN another chance.

But if they want to wrestle the state through dubious methods like what has been done in the past, then screw them. Voting for Pakatan Rakyat would be the only way through.

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2 thoughts on “Politics 101: Mission Selangor Take Over Plan (STOP)”

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    This enables them to compete and take away the jobs from all the local natives.
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    Most of them come from the interiors of Sabah. One of the youths, Apai John from Tenom, said he had been without a job for four years.
    Their plight has been highlighted by the Catholic church and NGOs like the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society (KSK) and Street Fellowship.
    The NGOs claimed that the Sabahans roamed the streets and relied on free meals after they lost their jobs or were cheated by bogus employment agents.
    Bleak future: Some of the Sabahans seen loitering nearby Dayabumi Complex. Picture courtesy of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society.
    “Most of them are young – 16 to 25 years old – and are hoping to seek employment in the Klang Valley,” said KSK treasurer Julia Tan who leads her group of volunteers to distribute food to the homeless every Saturday and Sunday.
    “Those who are still unemployed mingle with the homeless in the city,” she added.
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    Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun and state Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai would investigate the claims.
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    “They can then find employment in the state,” he said.
    Musa advised Sabahans to be cautious about agencies offering jobs in other states or overseas.
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