Politicising a Death

Another case where the politicians have lost the point…

The more PR politicians harping on the wrong issue, the more irrelevant they are fast becoming. Why every issue that touches on the Government has to have its fault? Sometimes I really wonder whether these politicians have run of ideas and have decided to harp on any trivial matters just to make some noise.… [Click to read the rest] “Politicising a Death”

A Reflection

(Voting for change but real change may still take some time to take effect – image source: www.keadilanbatu.wordpress.com)

Glad to be back to Malaysia from overseas trip – nothing beats a roti canai banjir with a teh-o limau panas early in the morning!

When I was in overseas, I managed to get the bad news from the internet – BN had won the Hulu Selangor seat by a small margin.… [Click to read the rest] “A Reflection”

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