Economy 101: Taxing Petrol Subsidy Gone But…Part 2

Air Asia Subsidies Subsidy Airline

(More subsidy for the “one of the most profitable” budget airlines in the world but less for the people under the Government’s economic master plan? Image source:

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National Security 101: African Menace in Puchong


(I spent more than 5 months in West Africa – culturally it is very challenging but interesting. In the same manner, foreigners in Malaysia need to adapt to the local culture and respect the law too. When that does not happen, we have a problem. A member of a scam syndicate caught operating in the country – image source: The Coverage)

I don’t support racial profiling and negative profiling on any race is even worse but after recent “close” encounters with some of the Africans in Puchong over the weekend, I think it is high time that the growing number of “students” from African & Middle East countries need to be closely monitored.

Are they really genuine students or they are public menace (or criminals like here and here) in disguise?

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