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National Security 101: African Menace in Puchong


(I spent more than 5 months in West Africa – culturally it is very challenging but interesting. In the same manner, foreigners in Malaysia need to adapt to the local culture and respect the law too. When that does not happen, we have a problem. A member of a scam syndicate caught operating in the country – image source: The Coverage)

I don’t support racial profiling and negative profiling on any race is even worse but after recent “close” encounters with some of the Africans in Puchong over the weekend, I think it is high time that the growing number of “students” from African & Middle East countries need to be closely monitored.

Are they really genuine students or they are public menace (or criminals like here and here) in disguise?

This is what Malay Mail reported last year:-

The Cabinet has set up a task force to deal with the large number of Africans coming into the country and this has resulted in an increase in crime and social ills. According to the source, the task force was a result of complaints from many quarters over rising crime that included black money and drugs. Immigration figures made available to The Malay Mail show a rising trend in arrivals from the African continent.

From 51,383 arrivals in 2001, the figures jumped to 111,805 in 2008 and, as at Oct 31 this year, 99,769 arrivals from Africa were recorded. The figure includes both tourists and students. Africans found to be involved in criminal activities were mainly Nigerians, the source said. They are known throughout the world for dabbling in black money and using foreign women as mules to carry drugs in false baggage compartments.

Among the 153 Africans arrested for various crimes this year, 69 were Nigerians, while 25 were from Sudan, 16 from Botswana, 14 from Algeria and 10 from Zimbabwe. Seventy-five per cent of the offences were for overstaying, and, up to Oct 31, 38 Africans were prosecuted and 124 were deported. The source said because of lax monitoring, many African students used this privilege to stay in the country and carry out illegal activities.

Over the years, the growing presence of Africans in many urban areas has created panic and uneasiness among residents. The locals complain of fights, drunkenness and rowdiness among the Africans.

African communities have sprouted in apartments and condominiums in several areas, including Damansara Damai, Kota Damansara, Puchong, Cheras and Balakong. It is believed that the next target would be Indonesians, who form some 65 per cent of the 1.2 million foreign workforce and are largely blamed for house break-ins.

Not only are Africans a problem in neighbourhoods but local higher institutions also face problems with Africans but many choose to keep mum.

Let me tell upfront – not all Africans in the country are public menace – there are good ones like one in my cousin’s place (they are friendly, helpful and keep very low profile) but there are ones who still think that they are in their own country and law & public order means nothing to them.

Last weekend I went over to pick up my aunty near Pusat Bandar Puchong and drove past Jalan Wawasan when I saw about 10 Africans gathered in front of the shops (those staying at this area would know this place – the Africans often regroup at the same place on daily basis).

Seeing a large group of foreigners in front of the shops is nothing new. I have seen Indonesians and Bangladeshis doing the same on the weekends or on their day off but my aunty who stayed nearby suddenly remarked that this group of men often drinks alcohol, throw empty bottles on the ground making a huge mess and then fight among themselves.

And this happened on a daily basis until to a point the neighbours could not take it and decided to call the police. The police came in one day and rounded all these men up and for almost 2 weeks, there was peace in the neighborhood. Now the group is back making the place dirty and  dangerous with occasional fights and reckless throwing of empty beer bottles onto the road. She wished for regular police patrol to keep this group of men away.

After I picked her up, I decided to return home to get some items for the function. On the fast lane, there was this white Myvi driven rather slowly. Couple of cars high beamed them but nothing moved them. The white Myvi stuck on the fast lane and forced other faster cars to overtake them from the left. When I overtook the Myvi, I saw the problem – 2 Africans driving as if they own the road.

I say “problem” is because this is not the first time I have seen Africans hogging the fast lane – every time I see an African on the highway, he is hogging on the fast lane or moving into the fast lane creating a crawl on the fast lane (seen different times and on different cars). Perhaps this is why we get accidents like this:-

The four students killed in the traffic accident on the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) just after midnight yesterday have been identified as Africans. The fifth student injured in the rented Toyota Vios was in stable condition at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre. According to police, the students were travelling from Kota Damansara to Bandar Sunway in the middle lane of the LDP.

At Km11.3, near the Kelana Jaya LRT station, they tried to move into the fast lane but knocked into the rear of a Proton Iswara already in the lane.

(Source: here)

What it is with the Africans and the fast lane?

Things then got really nasty. It was late at night when I was driving back from a wedding dinner function in Klang. There was less cars on LDP when reached Puchong. I reached an overhead bridge when I noticed the car next to me was the same white Myvi with an African driver. Not knowing what this driver would do, I decided to slow down.

At the corner of the overhead bridge, I counted my luck when I noticed this driver cuts from his lane into mine and then back to his lane without any signal or indications. If I had kept my speed, the driver would have bumped into me. I was angry but from what I heard on how Africans react to accidents caused by them, it was not worth chasing this driver. I just drove away from this driver.

I also noticed a growing number of Africans near my housing area but unlike the rowdy group at Jalan Wawasan, this group has been rather polite, be part of neighbourhood, high respect others and so far kept to themselves. That was when they started to move in. But now they have started their ruckus but it is still at a manageable level.

There are some foreigners who have forgotten that they are in another country and do not act accordingly. They end up becoming public menace or danger to others. Some of the locals are not innocent but that does not mean it gives the right for foreigners to do the same.

We had always welcomed foreigners to come to Malaysia for holidays, business or get their higher education to better themselves and their country. However we do not want criminals in disguise as students to come over and start creating problems and commit serious crimes here. Just as we expect Malaysians abroad to respect the local cultures and respect the law, we expect the same from the foreigners who are in the country.

45 thoughts on “National Security 101: African Menace in Puchong”

  1. My Good friend, first of all, in driving, i can say the Africans learnt from the best, which is YOU MALAYSIANS. If there’s anyone who could criticize anyone else’s driving, it shouldn’t be a Malaysian. So drop the ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Secondly, majority of them come from countries where they use the left hand drive system. So trying to adjust to the malaysian system of driving, is no crime, i suppose. It’s blending into the culture. Thirdly, i will like to assure you that just in the same manner the population of africans in malaysia suddenly went up, so it will go down. Countries with great economy are going down rapidly. Economic strength has left the west, now it’s in asia, after asia, it will go to Africa. They will all leave after studying, back to their countries to make it beautiful and your holy, no-wrongdoing, ‘can’t hurt a fly’ self will want to go for tourism. Newsflash, you will get the best treatment of hospitality and acceptance, you know why? Because Africans are open minded people, whose culture accepts and treat foreigners well, no matter their color. So instead of hating these fellas, i know some of them are terribly dubious, nonchalant and bad ambassadors of their countries, you might need some of them (the good ones) to do good business in Africa. If not for bad leaders and mismanagement of funds, they won’t be here. So my friend, have a little respect for the fellas. The media will not showcase the ones graduating with first class honors degrees in universities like Stamford college, Nottingham University, UCSI university, Legenda college, etc. The only know how to paint Africans black. They are already black so stop painting them black, making them look bad. It’s just an advice.

    1. Donpiki – point noted. As I said in my post, I am not saying all Africans are a menace. I have been dealing with Africans for the past 6 years and they are very polite and intelligent people. But there a smaller group of them in Malaysia that is giving the rest bad names.

  2. I dunt support wat the Nigerians are doing here but sumtimes our very own M’sians have mentality problems..Most of these Nigerians here are thugs/street boys..hence their character and behaviour of talking as if they are quarrelling, fighting and drinking..dat is how most of them are..Refering to our very own M’sians…we may not behave like dem..fine but we nid to educate ourselves more abt other ppl and their countries..I have seen with my own eyes how m’sians react wen dey c an african/black man..i really think it is rather silly to c their screw up face..cus to dem all blacks are from Nigeria (this silly mentality really have to stop)…and oh! not all of dem smells ok, sum of us smell plse stop closing yr nose! Geez….i notice the worst r the Chinese ppl and i m chinese myself…i really cant tolerate this village mentality…

  3. Those Singing baboons are ruthless criminals and deserves to be executed. Vietnam show them they meant business by sending nigerian drug dealers to firing squads. Now Vietnam barred all Nigerian Nationals from entering Vietnam.

      Over the years, i have come to realize that when people do not understand i thing about something, they try to make that thing look bad. You can not judge a whole race of people by the actions of just a few. I have been in this country for almost 5 years now and thanks to God, i will be graduating and leaving your dear country for my home in Africa. Not once, for all the five years i have been here has any malaysian (which are paraded as good people) have shown me any hospitality. Now, let’s get to you malaysians – the three mains tribes in this nation are at cold wars with themselves. I was shocked to my bones, when in 2007, a young malaysian girl was kidnapped from a market place. From the infomation I got, she was screaming and no one came to her rescue. On another instance, a girl was burnt to death, because a malaysian filling station clerk refused to give out her fire extinguisher. There are many more facts to back this up. This is how you treat your ownselves. What will happen to the foreigners. I am not offended at all by any comments made here. I am only sorry for you. So sorry at how selfish one can become that they feel they better than another race. On another hand, i blame my people. Africa has been the backbone of many great economies of the world. From improving the cotton market in the west during the slave trade era, to enriching the west with our natural resources even up till date, Malaysia included. If you all read your newspapers, you will remember that it was nigeria that gave malaysia the palm fruits which is one of the major contributors to your economic strength.

  4. So keep on hating, keep on cursing and do not forget that hating and cursing are atributes of a bad behavior. The more you curse, the better we become. I do not dispute the fact that there are some criminal elements in the African populace in Malaysia, one thing you should understand is there are criminals every where, in the US, UK, HK, china, Malaysia, everywhere you can ever think of, and it is difficult for a criminal to change no matter where they are. I pray that cold hands of justice catch up with those criminal elements. And for you who hate, I pray for you, that your eyes of understanding should open, so you will come to know that we mean you no harm, that we are all creations of God, that the only difference, biologically, between you and us africans is the melanin content of our skins. I guess I am done talking about this race issue. Try to view things from different perspectives. I have been robbed, cheated and disrespected by Malaysians, but i do not stereotype. I only see them individually, not as a race or a nation. Let us be color blind, like our creator who made us all. I wish you all the best. May you one day change from your ways. Thank you for reading.

    1. Donpiki,

      I repeat what I mentioned earlier – that I am not saying all Africans are a menace.

      I presume Nazri is referring to as the singing baboons are the Nigerian crooks who are behind the famed fraud schemes. No doubt Malaysia and Malaysians in general are not perfect especially when the country is so politically divided. Cold war certainly comes in many forms.

      But what is needed is stricter filtering at the entry points – to weed out the bad crooks from the genuine students. Let’s not allow these few bad apples give the rest bad names and the wrong impressions.

  5. @B.Joe: I understand that you do share the view and notion as some others who comment on this post and I do respect you for that. On the issue of filtering at the entry point, first of all, the characters of people are not written on their faces and since it is assumed ‘sometimes’ that we are all the same, you will realize that some innocent ones will become victims of circumstance. Secondly, the Law enforcement agencies in the country also have a part to play in this. I am of the notion that some corrupt law enforcement officers are in collaboration with these questionable characters and these makes it difficult to curtail this issue. Anyway, let’s just hope justice will one day prevail in this interesting world of ours. Do have a great day, B. Joe. You are a reasonable person.

  6. Most African men I encountered behaves like wild animals near my neighbourhood. Most of them drink and get drunk and then fights. Whenever those men are in groups, they’ll sexually harrass any girls that came to their path. An underage girl was gang raped by those “Singing Baboons” from Africa in the flats at taman Cognought in Cheras, 2 Chinese women was raped and killed by Nigerians in kepong, a beautician was kidnapped and gang raped by Botwanans, an Indian girl and a Chinese girl from Lim Kok Wing University were raped by Africans, a Malay nursing student was called to the Apartement in Kota Damansara only to be ambushed and raped by Africans.
    Klang Valley isn’t safe for girls and women now that we have “Singing baboons” around.
    Those African men should be called “Singing Baboons” because they sing about how they are being oppressed because of their black skin eventhought the real reason is the crimes they commit.

    1. @Mardiah bte Yusof: it is quite appalling that you are making ‘factual’ statements without actually getting your facts right. I can not argue the veracity of some of the ‘vices’ you claim Africans commit, but on the issue of the women allegedly raped and killed in Kepong, that is an accusation that was later cleared by the Malaysian police. It is easy to give a dog a bad name to kill it. So i plead with you to corroborate your suppressed grievance against africans with facts. Facts that you can argue in court, before you sign in to someone’s blog to rant fallacies. It is an advice.

  7. I agree that not all Africans are a menace but the truth of the matter is that more than half of Africa’s male population commit crimes of all kinds, including robbery, raping goats and babies, drugs, scams and murder. This is directly linked to poverty and their attitutes. Hundreds of millions of Africans turn to crime as an African way of life. Many of them commit crimes in their own countries and then escape to other countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
    The Nigeria’s Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education made a disclosure, said 60% fake students have been detected that registered online for 2011 bursary.
    The Nigerian High Commissioner to Malaysia said that they discovered thousands of Nigerian students in Malaysia are fake students.

  8. How can you say that half of Africa’s male population commits crime? That is a very uneducated and ignorant statement. I am a Nigerian female who just started studying here and frankly i have to say that it is very WRONG to profile a whole race as criminals. I have been trying to rent an apartment in puchong area but everywhere i go, i am being told NO AFRICANS!! I am highly disgusted that a country like Malaysia in 2011 can condone such race profiling. Myself and my husband are both postgraduate students and we have a little baby. We are just a young family trying to develop ourselves and we are being denied the access to rent an apartment simply because of the color of our skin and where we come from. Yes, I do agree that some africans have been involved in illegal activities, but that is not sufficient to blacklist every single person coming from africa or does this mean that all malaysian are law abiding citizens?
    Frankly i am highly disgusted and disappointed about this matter. It is really sad. I can’t wait to finish my studies and leave this country because i do no see the point in living in a country that doesnt treat me fairly when i have committed no wrong!

  9. Again, I totally agree that profiling a whole race as criminals is not right. It’s hard for Africans to rent a home here because they are very noisy and obviously it has just about everything wrong with their rowdy behaviors. Africans are public nuisance and most of them cannot speak properly, they shout at each other with their native languages like diarrhea coming out of their mouths. They can’t stop partying 24/7 especially after committing a crime and can be heard from miles away. That’s the reason many of them were arrested.
    Actually, the problem started in Africa when Africans make so many babies knowing fully well that the society will not offer these kids any future. They will grow up to become criminals. The problem lies not here, there will also never be a better and peaceful life with the continuous wars. No jobs for the youth, and mismanagement of resources is the nightmare of the continent. Yet, Africans are more obsessed with sex(rapes) and pop way too many babies out like wild monkeys and then those kids grow up and become internet scammers and drug traffickers that we hear of today.
    By the way, can you explain why your fellow Nigerians slaughter about 1000 people in riots every year? I think that show Nigerians have such poor and uncivilized behaviors.

    1. I was going to go with the statement that silence is the best answer to a fool but it is quite evident that some fools need to be re-orientated. Hence, my missive. I have been robbed, cheated, attacked for no reason by Malaysians but I cannot come to a conclusion that all Malaysians are thieves, cheats and bullies. Why? Because, I have been brought up to judge people by their actions and how they treat me, not by hearsay or if I might add ‘readsay’ – a word I coined to mean what u read from papers. Now, I have been in this country for 5 years studying and I can count the number of sincere ‘hellos’ I have received, but I still cannot say malaysians are not hospitable people. Because a few wonderful and enlightened Malaysians, going beyond the lies created by the media, going beyond what they’ve heard were bold and inquisitive enough to seek the truth about Africans. Why am I saying all these? Unless you have been a victim or seen first hand where someone is been robbed or raped by an African, I believe I reserve the right to tell you to shut your buccal cavity. Shut your mouth! Say what you have painstakingly researched on and made intelligent conclusions on not waking up one morning to say nonsense. Go enlighten yourself. this is the 21st century. Are you trying to tell me that there was no crime whatsoever in malaysia before the Africans came in? Do you even read your newspapers? In the police analysis of drug related arrests last year stated the only 29 Nigerians were arrested as compared to the 1300 iranians, approximately 530 Bangladeshi nationals arrested. You did not notice that because the Iranians are white skinned and u will dance at their feet. You did not read about the Australians that hacked millions of ringgits from Malaysia but u will scream and say rubbish cos an African cheated someone of RM 35000. You did not read of maddof the American that cheated thousands of people to the tone of 6 billion dollars. You did not recently read of the Malaysian that bought a couple of night vision googles for almost RM50,000 each when it is supposed to be far less than that? Listen, I am not supporting the ills of some Africans but let’s call a spade a spade. This is just pure civilized racism. A friend travelled to one of the Malaysian islands and found to his dismay that the white or pink skinned foreigners were smoking marijuana and the police in area did nothin. But they will hastily hang a black guy caught with it. Listen my racist friend, if u want to be racist, be racist. Don’t hide under the cloak of subtly-brave cowardice. A word is enough for the wise.

    2. Saim, high birth, unemployment and crime rate problem also lies in other countries in Asia, so I think that argument does not hold water.

      What I am more concerned here is whether we are allowing the right people into the country – if it is a genuine students, then we should make their stay here as comfortable and safe as possible. But if it is a criminal coming into the country with fake or questionable student visa, then we should come down hard on them and ensure they never come back to commit crimes.

      At the same time, any foreigners (and some Malaysians alike) should be harshly reminded when they start to become a menace to others – in the way they behave themselves to fellow neighbors or when they are on the road

  10. I have no feelings of hatred towards any race or group of people. I think that students should be treated appropriately. On the other hand, students should behave responsibly and always obey the laws of the host country and respect its culture.
    Most Africans don’t even respect their own laws. Guess do they respect ours? There were 73 Africans mostly Nigerians arrested by the police in Klang Valley on 22 November 2011 against internet scams. They were suspected to be involved in 945 frauds causing the loss of RM29.63 million from January to October this year. There are not just A FEW or SOME Africans who just started committing crimes here this year. Thousands of Africans had entered the country as students over the years and had been arrested for scams, drugs, making false documents, robbery, rapes, disorderly conduct and murder.
    Thanks B.Joe for reminding me to be more specific. I agree that the problems of high birth, unemployment and crime rates do exist in Asian countries. In most African countries, a very large number of children were either born to families acquainted with crimes or to single parents( fathers disappeared). These kids grow up and get drawn into crimes, this is not happening in most Asian countries. Unemployment and crime rates in most African countries are higher than most Asian countries. It’s time to wake up to reality. Africa is being labeled as a failed continent by the international community, not Asia.
    I doubt that tha Don has been robbed, cheated and attacked for no reason by Malaysians. The truth is that other races are robbed, attacked, raped and killed by black Africans for no reason in Africa. I’m against any type of discrimination and I also against the ongoing genocide of white people in Africa.
    Perhaps you are confused by saying our media created lies and at the same time asked whether I have read my newspaper. I have actually read about how Africans tried to defend African criminals and blamed the victims. Instead, like most Malaysians, I’m in favor of heavy punishment for ALL criminals no matter what their race or nationality.
    Can you please explain why your fellow Africans kill thousands of white people in Africa every year? I think this is the evidence that shows most Africans are not civilized human beings.

    1. If one look at the news in recent times, most of the abuse of student visas has been the Nigerians.

      The fact that these criminals coming into the country in disguise of students despite dubious circumstances remains a mystery to me. I personally witnessed on how some of them come over for something that they could learn right in their own country –

      Hopefully the authorities would wise up in screening these “students” strictly and close down the corresponding the shady colleges who have their hands in facilitating these criminals to enter the country. Perhaps we should just ban outright all students” from Nigeria (and any other countries known to abuse student visas and break the law) for the time being until a proper screening process is in place

    2. Hi Saim, I guess i rightly stated in my reply that I am not on anybody’s side in this matter. A criminal should be treated as a criminal. The cold hands of the law should have its way on any law breaker. I believe in the idea of justice. I call it the idea of justice because today justice is hazy,equivocal and biased. My problem is the fact that this whole crime thingy seems to be an African problem. No one capitalizes on the crime perpetrated by other races, but all open blogs and post all sorts of things on the web doing great harm to our image. What happens to the right-living african? The ones whose parents painstakingly work hard everyday to send their children to school. Mr. Saim pardon my outrage in my last comment but I need you to understand the plight of these fellows. The ones studying hard and burning the night candles to go back home and change things, the ones getting first class in their studies over here only to be put down by stereotypes created and fuelled by people like you. Look there is crime everywhere. There is corruption everywhere even here in Malaysia. Most of the so-called criminals are working for local masterminds. A great percentage of the so-called criminals are just puppets. Some bad eggs in the local law enforcement agencies are in it too. So don’t capitalize on the ‘pawns’, look at the strings that pull them. The Rider can never ride the Horse unless the Horse allows the Hider. There is no way, these criminals can be effective without the backing of some of this bad eggs. They are one and tempest. They are of the same breed. It is not an African issue, Mr. Saim. It is a human issue.
      For the tales about thousands of whites being killed in Africa, I wonder where you get your stories from. It is not logical, this is whites, we are talking about. People who go to war if you hurt just one of them. Don’t you think that with the military might the whites possess, half of Africa or even all would have been obliterated. From what I hear and read, although I tend to doubt the media. Most of the kidnaps not killings are terrorist related. Alqeida sponsored factions. Also, be specific when you state facts. State the area, the country (I hope you know, Africa is a country with over 53 states – and we are also of mixed races too – We have indians, whites, arabs, etc). It pains me that upon all the efforts and hardwork i have put into making myself who I am today, that someone can glance at me and think of nothing else than me being a criminal, a rapist, etc without even knowing who I am. Now put yourself in my shoes. I enter a lift and people hold their noses, when they themselves smell like garlic. People of which I do better than some of them in school, dress better and even smell better. It just seems that the only crime I have committed is being black. I dress fine and all you think is where i have stolen the money from, I dress tatered and I am a nuisance. Malaysians and the world at Large! What do you want from us Africans, You can as well throw a Nuclear bomb and clear us out so your problems can be solved, it’s simple. We don’t have nuclear bombs but a great percentage of the world’s Uranium comes from Africa. Give a dog a bad name to drown it.
      I cannot convince anyone of you here to have a change of heart. Even the one who claim not to be baised still possess a great deal of descrimination. I guess it is high time Africa recognized its enemies and look inwards to make herself better.
      Finally, I believe in Justice. I believe in Truth. I also believe in fairness. What is good for the gease, is also good for the gander. When you talk about the puppets also talk about the puppeteers. That’s all i’m saying. Stop defaming a people because of ignorance or personal greivance. Find out the truth for yourself. Things are not always as it seems. Some people have gone a great mile to destroy our identity and it is still happening today.
      I will leave you will these few words of mine above. If you got a conscience. Do what is right. Stay fair, stay just. I do not support any one. If an african commits a crime and is tried fairly, the law should have its way. If a caucasian does same, he should be treated likewise, and so forth for any race whatsoever. Have a great day All.
      @Mr. Saim – I’m sorry. Comments like these get to me.
      @B.Joe – Do something about this post. You are causing more harm than good. I’m just saying. You have every right to keep it or even post a more terrible one. Just remember, life is a journey and what goes around, comes around.

      1. Hi Tha Don – Thanks for your comments. Yes, perhaps it is out of hand if one starts talking about the situation in Africa. It is not our problem and we do not wish to get involved in it as well (Saim, you may want to take note of this – thanks for your thoughts but let’s focus on the situation right here at home).

        What I am more concerned is the so-called students right here in Malaysia and how these Africans behave their self in the country. It does not matter what is their upbringing and culture at their own country but when they are here, there are certain rules and norms that they should adhere to. It is the same for Malaysian students when they go overseas for studies.

        As students who in your words “studying hard and burning the night candles to go back home and change things”, wouldn’t you be angry as well when some criminals abuse the same student visas and commit crimes and give the real students such bad names? It is because these criminals that the real students had to face racial stigma. Don’t you want do something about it?

        I agree with you that the authorities should take some of the blames as well – why let students with dubious background & credentials to come in with student visa? It is not something new but as in all areas, generally enforcement in Malaysia has been lacking in some areas although in recent times the authorities are working on shortcomings. There are locals who work with these criminals to commit crimes. Otherwise we will not have a situation like the Iranian mafia running the main drugs business in this country (just look at the number of Iranians caught for drugs in recent months and they too been sneaking in with student or tourist visas and there is no end to it as at todate).

        The Malay Mail article was in December 2009 – things could have changed now in end of 2011 but there is still work to be done. Lets focus on identifying the real students from hardcore criminals that have been giving these students such bad names. And rightly so, it should not be focused on one particular type of foreigners. If this done, then there will be less prejudice and injustice to hardworking students.

      2. P.s. Tha Don, I could delete this post and keep silent on the matter but I think it is better to engage the issue via discussions and factual & persuasive arguments instead of just keeping silent about. There is more harm keeping silent on the matter than engaging it openly.

        I wrote on this issue because of my personal encounters. Thus far through the comments here, I am able to perceive that there are genuine students from the continent who studying hard to achieve what may not be possible back in their country. Nonetheless there are still foreigners who are masquerading as students (but are not) and has been on the bad side of Malaysians perception.

        1. Thank you for comment B.Joe. I like seeing things from different perspective and I also try not to draw conclusions from isolated events. About the culture of the land, one cannot know the culture of a place except being told. For me I took time to browse about malaysia, the culture here, the weather condition, the way you greet, the way you point (using the thumb), etc before I stepped foot into this country. Most people where buying winter jackets because they were not inform. What do I mean?
          There should be a system designed to teach and explain the culture of the land to foreigners upon arrival. Better still, locals or neighbours also have a part to play too. But that’s not the case here. The first local sets of friends I made here gave me a very wrong impression of the malaysian people.
          One (the indian) ran away with my money. Money I lent to him because his dad was outstation and they needed something done in their home. Till this day, I have not seen him or my money. The other (chinese) thinks life is all about drinking, smoking and chasing women.
          One time an indian taxi driver wanted to stab me with a screwdriver because I refused to enter his taxi because he hiked the price 3 times the normal fare.
          All these impressions were destroyed when one day, my friends and I were heading to school so we decided to get some confectioneries from 7/11 and a malay guy walked up to me and shook my hands. He told me he was sorry for what his people where doing to us, all the propaganda the media was spreading (then it was quite intense, that some bike gangs always came around the area I live to beat up any african they see). That touched me. I knew from that moment that there were people who were good and different.
          We can’t know about your culture if we are not told. Like the issue of approaching women, back home even before civilisation, African women appreciate bold men. Men who can walk up to them and express themselves. It was later on, I realized that over here, you have to know the lady first for a while, become friends first before you express your feelings to her. Cultures differ and one thing a foreigner faces is a clash of cultures. I cannot know about your culture unless it is taught to me. I don’t know if it is fear or ignorance, to even ask for directions in malaysia is like going to the moon. People are so scared of blacks and I wonder where they got that impression from. They are not scared of Arabs who some of the radical ones are a terror to our world today.

          About the post, It is great to air your views regarding an issue but most times people get the wrong idea. You are talking about your personal experience while others here are talking about their inhibitions. Most of the people who comment do not even know what they are talking about. I believe you have read about what happened in Rwanda in 1994. It started with a radio broadcast and at the end of the whole saga over a million were murdered. This post might swing both ways, it could be informative and enlightening to some and it could also allow for a build-up of hatred in some too. Which might be dangerous. Just as the media propaganda led to the beating up of many africans by bike gangs and of course, it was kept under the wraps.
          Just think about it, B.Joe.

          All the best in your trip to the oriental Paris.

  11. I notice that some of Tha Don’s explanations are either remain in denial or completely ignorant. I’ll leave out the issues of the ongoing genocide against whites in South Africa and the continuous sectarian killings in Nigeria from now.

    Let’s talk about the menace of foreigners in our neighbourhoods . People from different races have become a menace in this country. Among them, Africans are more likely to become a menace not only to their neighbours, but also a constant menace to the public. They usually live in apartments in Klang Valley where most of them make unwanted advances on Malaysian women including married women and young girls especially when they are in the lifts. The menace they cause is so terrifying if you live in these buildings. Every time the residents complaint, at least 9 out of 10 times happen to be Africans. They don’t respect the personal space of females here.

    You don’t know whether a Nigerian is speaking the truth or just faking it since so many Nigerians here are scammers. Many of them sign up in many sites hunting for more victims and posting comments. They always have explanations and will never admit to their ills. They will say and do anything for money and their main target is Malaysians.

    People think that Africans are smelly because they have often seen Africans peeing on cars and in staircases. Their urine smells really horrible. When the wind blows, the stink is enough to knock you off. People here are not trying to hate Africans. The facts show very clearly that they create serious problems here as well and people learn to be wary of them.

    1. White genocide in south africa? Oh my goodness! My dear Mr. Saim, you are the ignorant one. In the issue of genocide in South Africa the reverse is the case. Hope you have heard of the Apartheid regime. I guess you haven’t. Why am I even bothering myself talking to you? Ignorance is a disease and you seem to be soaked in it and have refused to be enlightened. I rest my case.

    2. Hi Saim, I don’t recall of any genocide in South Africa too – if anything that came close to some kind of action against the whites, would have been the forced land repossession by the Mugabe Govt in Zimbabwe but that action could argued either way (depending whether you are white or not) although in the end, that action back-fired.

      On your contention that Africans are smelly, well that all depends on your diet as well (just imagine eating petai all day long). Some even say that if you take too much curry in your daily diet, you will smell funny too. So, it is difficult to say that body odor is tied to where you come from. It could be due to what you eat as well.

      “Peeing on cars and in staircases” – well, I have seen it but I guess it is due to culture and lack of civility of some of the foreigners. When I traveled in Ghana long time ago, one thing that was not in abundant there was public toilets (so much so opening of a new public toilet made front page news). So people used to urinated by the road side (or whenever they determined is suitable). But such lack of public toilets does not exists in Malaysia – at the worst case scenario, you can always pop into a local restaurant and use their toilet.

  12. Talk a little bit more about Africa is just find with me.
    Tha Don, you are far too quick to put yourself above the rest of the people who disagree with some of your thoughts that based on your feelings. I think apartheid was wrong and should have never started in the first place. I also think the murder of Afrikaners that you are ignoring is wrong. Many black Africans are using the past apartheid as an excuse and think that they have the right to revenge although it is wrong. I think you and your fellow Africans need to forgive, learn and be more civilized people. Black Africans especially in South Africa have to understand that the majority of them haven’t fully evolved the ability to sustain a productive nation yet. When you kill and chase most of the Afrikaners out, South Africa will become another Zimbabwe.

  13. The Star Online > Nation
    Tuesday December 6, 2011

    African students create a ruckus in Mantin

    Other News & Views
    Compiled by A. Letchumanan

    IMMIGRATION officers, who had detained several African students who had flouted regulations, faced a standoff with other students in Mantin, Berita Harian reported.

    It said the other Africans, who were unhappy over the detention of their coursemates, started verbally abusing the Immigration officers at about 4.30am.

    One of the students drove a car to block and prevent the Immigration vehicle with about 50 students from moving.

    A scuffle broke out between the Immigration officers and students, but the timely intervention of Rela officers prevented any untoward incident.

    State enforcement chief Abdul Kadir Hussin said the students always created problems whenever operations were being carried out.

    He said two students had been detained for obstructing civil servants from carrying out their duties while 46 others, most of them Africans, were detained in the seven-hour operation for having expired student passes, overstaying and having forged passports.

    Abdul Kadir said a 24-year-old woman who was caught for “close proximity” with an African in an apartment unit had been handed over to the Negri Sembilan Islamic Religious Affairs Department.
    © 1995-2011 Star Publications (Malaysia) Bhd (Co No 10894-D)

  14. I think blogs have been very successful and give people a chance to get to know each other better. It is just fine to post on anything that the author has encountered. After reading this post and comments here, I noticed that the Africans have been making up fake and baseless stories, way far off from reality. They are not sincere, that’s the reason they are not constant. Sincere discussions offer a way to experience freedom, unification and peace rather than remain silent to commit kidnapping and mass killings.

    About the incident in Mandin, the students challenged the authorities and the laws of this country. In this case, they were Africans. When they come together as a group, they become very rowdy and extremely violent. . Not only in Mandin, all this occurs in neighbourhoods around the country where law-abiding people actually live. The authorities really have to monitor them all the time.

  15. African Scam “active fraudulent money

    By Ifwan Tun Tuah

    Mantin: The actions of a private college student Africans jumped from the second floor of Sri Palma Villa Condominiums here last night, when the NSW Immigration Department operations, led to the discovery of the syndicate headquarters of the African Scam ‘active fraud through social networking site. In the event of some about hours of 9:15 that night, the suspect was in the range of 20-year-panicked by the presence of the Immigration Department enforcement and Malaysian People’s Volunteer Corps (Real) daring jumps to escape. The man was later found lying on the left foot injury and further examination found he lived more time. suspicious of an act before, go check enforcement and discover suspicious content on the mobile phone SMS, claimed he was cheated of money a few individuals. He then brought enforcement to his house, but three friends who are in refusing to open the door , resulting in enforcement had to break down the door grille mango involved. Director of NSW Department of Immigration, Jason Fazri Othman said he found three laptops, each hidden in the ceiling of the bathroom, in the sofa cushion covers and TV cabinet drawer. We find a variety of digital document is false in a laptop involved, including a copy of the individual’s passport is not known, a copy of false MyKad and letter of offer from a variety of different national governments, including Malaysia, to receive a sum of unclaimed money. Inspection also found cash prize of RM1, 650, 19 mobile phone starter pack within and outside the country and nine mobile phone SMS content is suspect, he said. He said, three men were in the house involved submitted to the Commercial Crime Investigation Department of the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) for further investigation, while the injured man was arrested in his stead. In addition, he said, 300 students were examined in African operations with 17 of those arrested for the offense failed to produce identification documents and to stay more time in the country. He said all the arrested students studying in private colleges outside of his area and believe that they come the condominium is to visit his compatriot.

  16. Those African (Nigerian) Crime gangs are also active in Thailand, China, Philippines, Korea, Singapore as well. Vietnam did a wise decision to forbid all Nigerians from entering Vietnam after catching Nigerian Nationals involving in drug mule recruting, raping and harassing Vietnamese women.

  17. Nightmares are the things going through many residents in Mantin because of these barbarians. I had lost count of how many crimes Africans had committed many years ago. The list continues to run. Almost every day the news about Africans commit more and more crimes really bad for this country. I agree that Vietnam made a wise decision to get rid of these barbarians. I think the first thing we have to do is to forbid all Nigerians from entering this country just like Vietnam. So far Nigerians brought more harm than good to Malaysians.

  18. Im African myself and im not Nigerian , I wonder why the malaysian immigration allow Nigerians here when they know of them , i mean why open your door to a lion …,Its sad how they make other Africans like dudes from Botswana look bad , If they hate em they will hate all …..,Most Botswana students who are arrested is because they didnt renew their visa out of negligence ,Otherwise it may be for strolling around without passports ….ths effin Naijas must go

    1. @The Observer: You think that the fact that you are not Nigerian changes the way Malaysians see you? Think again. It offends me to a great degree when other Africans try to dissociate themselves from Nigerians hoping to be treated differently. Open your eyes! This is the reason why Africa is the way it is. You are BLACK, You’ll remain BLACK, even if you try to be Micheal Jackson. Get that into your head. Try tattooing your face with this “I AM NOT NIGERIAN” and see if it changes anything. There is a racial element in the Immigration raids. I will tell you why. Do you know how many Iranians, Arabs, Fillipinos, Indonesians, Bangladeshi are in this country without a Valid VISA? Do you see immigration cracking down on them the ways they do to US? You might want to argue that some of us are bad elements, True, I agree with you. But does that mean that Africa is crime central? Do you know there are Iranian drug cartels in this town? How many Iranians have you seen being hauled into a black Maria with chains? How many? I do not condone crime, my dear friend. If I see my brother doing the wrong thing believe me, I will call the police. That’s how I was brought up and thats the principle I live by. Africa has to unite and build up that great continent. We sit there with a begging bowl waiting for the west to come to our rescue when we have all it takes to make our continent great. In terms of natural resources, Africa is the richest continent – 95% of the world’s diamonds come from africa, we have countless mineral resources, crude oil, etc. But we have failed to utilize what God has given us. So instead of pointing fingers, think, think and think again, we have work to do back home, else history will repeat itself.

      1. The average Malaysian does not care if u r from Ghana, Kenya or Nigeria, dey can’t tell the difference, to dem as long as u’re black, u’re bad news! So wat Don said is true, u can walk ard with the words ” I m not Nigerian” on yr forehead, it will not make a difference. To dem, all blacks must be from Africa esp Nigeria, as if in the U.S, there r no blacks! I have noticed esp chinese ppl..wen dey c a black/darkie, dey will move away n the expression on their faces shows displeasure.

    2. My coworker who used to go to Thailand by Train told me the security check point between Thailand and malaysia is poorly monitored. He can see smugglers with crates of Cigarrettes and liquor crossing illegally from Thailand to Malaysia. The same routes might be used by Nigerian Drug dealers to bring in drugs from the Golden triangle to Malaysia and Singapore.

  19. Thank you so much for this wonderful observation about Africans. I am from Kenya. I do agree with you that not all Africans are bad. I came here in 2007 to do my degree and when I and my sister moved in to stay with Chinese house mates in Sutramas condominium in Puchong Jaya they were amazed as our characters were totally different from what they learned of Africans from media. Now am doing my masters and amazingly I have so many local friends because I have always tried to prove to them that I am not like “them”. Its so difficult for locals to identify who we are in terms of nationalities but my plea is for Africans who are doing offensive character to stop. I support the immigration raids that are going on and if this can help clear our name I will be the happiest person ever in Malaysia

  20. @the Don: It is very hard for Africans in Malaysia to unite when the wrong doers cannot be convinced to stop. I have had encounters with Nigerians and Sudanese where I ask them to stop the illegal activity. But what do they say? I have bills to pay… I have lifestyle to maintain… I have an empire to build and all sorts of non sense that should not come out of a student’s mouth.

    Tell me, brother, will I allow people to look at me as one of these guys or will I make it clear to them that not all Africans do illegal activity? When I say I am not Nigerian, it’s not out of hatred. I do not mean to abandon my brothers… It’s simply because;

    A. I am not.
    B. the Malaysian public needs to understand that Nigeria and Africa are 2 different things.
    and C. I am not Nigerian. lol! It’s as simple as that!

    If I walk around with people thinking I am Nigerian, I miss out on what I came to achieve in Malaysia. I’m sorry to say, but it is true and I have no good reason to let that happen. If Nigerians do not want a bad rep… Then they know what to do.

    To be honest; this is Asia, people. We’re smack in the middle of the emerging markets! once you present your good skills and character, the locals are willing to take you on for investment plans, business ideas, academic scholarships etc. These are people willing to invest in Africa as we are in Asia. Instead of abusing their land and property, brush your shoulders off from the haters and keep your eye on the prize. Focus on long lasting businesses and investments that you can do with a clear conscience. Malaysians are wonderful people if you present yourself as a wonderful person.

  21. The Star Online > Nation
    Thursday May 24, 2012

    Rich widow conned of RM5mil


    KUALA LUMPUR: A rich widow was conned into giving RM5mil to a “General” supposedly serving with the US army whom she had met online.

    The 63-year-old auditor started chatting with the man on the Internet in October 2010.

    He claimed to be a high-ranking officer in the US army and used the picture of a good-looking Caucasian man to fool her.

    The woman sold her house in Bangsar for RM3.5mil and borrowed money to give to the man for his business investment.

    Suspecting something amiss, the woman’s 30-year-old son lodged a police report in September last year and police have been monitoring her activities ever since.

    Scam tools: ACP Izany (centre) showing the laptops, modems and mobile phones seized from the Nigerian scam syndicate at the Cheras district police headquarters yesterday. With him are Cheras district police chief ACP Mohan Singh (right) and his deputy Abdul Rahim Hamzah Othman. — Bernama
    City Commercial Crime Department chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Izany Abdul Ghany said police busted the syndicate with the arrest of a 50-year-old local woman on Monday.

    He said she was nabbed in her house in Subang Jaya at 2.30pm, a few hours after the victim transferred RM50,000 into her account.

    Following the arrest, police raided two houses in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Damansara on Monday and Tuesday where they nabbed 15 Nigerian men.

    “The syndicate has been active for more than two years and we believe more victims have been conned by its members,” he said yesterday.

    ACP Izany also said initial investigation revealed all the Nigerian suspects hold student visas and study at local colleges.

    The local woman is believed to be one of the Nigerians’ girlfriend.

    “She has several accounts under her name, including a legally-registered company account,” he added.

    The female suspect is being been remanded until today while the Nigerians’ remand order will end tomorrow.

  22. Pimping our girls in Tokyo


    TOKYO: Agents of an organised Nigerian vice network with connections in Kuala Lumpur are offering fly-in Malaysian women as guest relation officers (GROs) to Japanese and foreign expatriates here.

    Operating from the Ropponggi and Kabukicho red light districts, the Nigerian agents — codenamed Black Crow — offer Malaysian girls, below the age of 25, for a whopping ¥50,000 (RM2,000) for a 24-hour escort service.

    One of the “Black Crows”, when approached by The Star in Ropponggi here yesterday, claimed he could make arrangements for Malaysian GROs from either Penang or Kuala Lumpur.

    Identifying himself as Kent, the 29-year-old Nigerian claimed there was a group a Malaysians already staying at hotels in the city for the last few days.

    Soliciting for clients: Kent, claiming to be an agent of an organised Nigerian vice network that has tentacles in Kuala Lumpur, looking out for potential clients, especially foreigners at the red-light district of Ropponggi.
    “You want what type of girl? We have the 1Malaysia set, that’s what you call them in your country, am I right?

    “I have been studying in Nilai (Negri Sembilan) for two years. I know your country well and I have my network there,” he said, adding that engaging a Malaysian for an immediate six-hour escort service would cost about ¥20,000 (RM800).

    “Malaysians are considered exquisite in Japan. You can’t get them easily and therefore the price is a bit high compared to Brazilian, Chinese or Japanese girls.

    “I also charge a commission of ¥5,000 (RM200) and for the fly-in GROs, my tip would be double,” Kent said.

    When asked how he made arrangements for the fly-in GROs, Kent said he would contact his Malaysian counterpart and the girls would arrive from Kuala Lumpur two days after the booking was confirmed.

    “We make the arrangements for the girls to be flown in. You don’t worry about that, just give the deposit and consider it done bro,” he assured.

    During the conversation, Kent also offered China Press executive editor Yeong Kah Choon, who was also probing the existence of the Black Crow syndicate in Tokyo, a 16-year-old Malaysian girl.

    “She is currently here and speaks fluent Bahasa Malaysia, but you have to pay me in US dollars if you want to go out with her as she is not cheap due to her age,” he said.

    When Yeong queried how a 16-year-old Malaysian, who’s supposed to be in school, ended up in Tokyo, Kent retorted:

    “You don’t ask me that. We don’t kidnap anyone from Malaysia and they came here voluntarily to make extra money. That’s all, bro.”

    Asked why they codenamed themselves Black Crow, Kent replied it was because of the Malaysian police.

    “Your people (police) once called us Gagak Hitam and an operation was conducted to drive us out of Malaysia.

    “I don’t know if you still remember that and we identify our syndicate as Black Crow because our leaders are still in Kuala Lumpur,” he said.

  23. It leaves me speechless in indignation when issues as such here is being discussed and Nigeria takes the blames.I am not writing to defend Nigeria as a nation but to make a fact known to the general public,both the Malaysia government.Most of the African immigrants do hide under the guise of Nigerian name,to commit crimes.And any time a black man is caught in an obnoxious act,he automatically becomes a Nigeria.

  24. Yeaahh…I know a young teenager by the name of Eric from Bostwana once, he was admitted to the hospital in KL like I did. Never met any Nigerians..


  25. As I was taking few pictures of Puchong market shops, a raged African approached me and told me to delete the pictures i took. It was a very scary experience as i had my family with me. He was so rude and almost wanted to start a fight with me . This was my 3rd visit to Malaysia and I have never experienced such a thing. What is happening to this country?

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