Outstanding Summons 2 0 (0)

They must have read my post here

(When it comes to enforcement agencies, we have the means to start things but we sometimes lack the means to end things. We lack the enforcement. Image source: http://www.malaysia-kini.com)

It was delightful to read this, a couple days ago:-

Police have issued more than 10 million “saman ekor” (traffic offences caught on camera) since 2000 and motorists who ignored these summonses risk being hauled to the police station.

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White Elephant Submarine? 0 (0)

We have not reached to this stage yet…but it does not mean we can start to celebrate

(The strategic role of a submarine to the nation’s maritime defence cannot be ignored but what makes it stink is the way these submarines were purchased and maintained. Image source: http://www.marinebuzz.com)

I love submarines – seen Wolfgang Petersen’s excellent Das Boot several times (wished to be an U-Boat captain) and I even wrote a short novel on submarine for my NaNoWriMo project.… Click to read the rest

Finals: Spain vs Holland 0 (0)

(The winning goal that took Spain into the finals. Image source: Michael Steele/Getty Images. More here)

One of my 2 buddies – Alex or Anil is going to go back with a big load of cash as their predicted team in the finals have made it. Sadly my favourite, the Argentinians got kicked out in the quarter-finals and probably did not know what whacked them (they ended up losing 4 to nothing to the Germans).… Click to read the rest

It’s My Seat! 0 (0)

Sounds familiar…

red reserved signage beside stainless steel spoon and fork on white surface

(Reserved but for who? Image source: Raw Pixel on Pexel.com)

Uthaya of the famed THR Raaga told this story in this morning radio show:-


He and his wife were invited to a function.

He was required to confirm his attendance and was required his card to the function for the organisers to get his seats.

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WTF! 0 (0)

I saw the traffic jam as I headed back to KL from the South but I did not know it was due to this:-

(The victim’s BMW – 3 people died on the spot. Pix Source: TheSun)

(The offender’s Renault – what he was doing driving against the traffic? Pix Source: TheSun)

Before that, the Dane was involved in another minor accident when his car collided with a Proton Waja.

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Car, Not Bus 0 (0)

Sometimes I wish I could shout “I am not driving a bus lah!”


(This is how some relatives see my car at certain times – Image source: http://welcome.pickuppal.com)

Couple days ago, my car suspensions took a heavy pounding – all because my mom decided to be very generous.

We were planning to go to temple – me, my wife, the “big boss”, of course and my mom.… Click to read the rest

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