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Safety 101: Fire Lamps, Nice But Short-Sighted Safety?

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(My usual lunch when I was away – the portion was just nice, big and it was good but seriously the noodles back in Malaysia are still the best – plenty of “Ajinomoto” and much cheaper too. Photos & videos captured on Nokia N8)

It’s good to be back…but I catch a cold once arrived, sigh

And immediately after my return home, I have been busy with eating. I lost about 4kg and somehow it seems like events that have been lined up after my return home may make it impossible to keep up with that 4kg lost.

My brother-in-law and his wife celebrated their newborn and the celebration food was heavy – with huge prawns and spicy mutton. Then the next day after a heavy lunch at Pizza Hut, I had to attend my nephew’s birthday in the evening– another round of chicken and mutton on the house. The next day after attending a close relative’s open house lunch which had a huge spread, we went to a wedding in the evening. An Indian wedding that is and chicken and mutton would be one of the must-have dishes.

Talking about the wedding, from the very start, we were a bit lazy to attend the wedding – and it had nothing to do with the bride or the bride’s groom. We were not that close but we knew the parents and grandparents rather closely. We were a bit lazy because of the weather – it was raining cats and dogs (you know how bad the rain has been in the last few days) and it was so nice to sleep.

But we knew we could not give the wedding a miss – we already have done that for the engagement. So, we dragged ourselves to the wedding – it was still raining when we left the house but stopped by the time we reached the wedding hall.

Perhaps due to the rain (or the RM1 parking fees, I don’t know), the cars at the parking lot seemed sparse and I managed to get a good parking spot. I dropped my family off at the entrance before I went off to park the car. The air was cold and surprisingly fresh. I walked into the hall but what caught my eyes was not the crowd but the arch at the entrance lit full of burning lamps.

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On the onset, it looks nice – it was not overwhelming as well but whoever had thought of having an arch full of lighted lamps at the entrance probably did not think of this dreadful scenario – a large crowd barging in and someone’s clothes (sarees especially) falling on the lit lamp without them realizing it and catching fire. It is almost like walking through an arch of fire. And if you see in the video above, one lady almost gets her saree on the fire and thankfully pulled in time.

At the very least, they should have stationed someone to keep an eye on the lit lamps as people walking in and out of the arch. Artistic values are one thing but whenever there is a big crowd, safety should always come first. But thankfully nothing serious happened and the wedding continued without any other incidents.

Overall, it was a good day – with an additional load of the delicious food from the dinner, of course.


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