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Overseas Assignment 2012: Part 1 – Trip to Modern Oriental Paris & Start of the Trip

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(The flight was full but I was looking forward to the trip with a good selection of on-demand movies to kill the time. MAS’ inflight service and food was tip-top as usual, something that holds an edge over other airlines)

It literally started with a BANG!

Another overseas trip and I was kind of “ok” of missing Deepavali again. I was packing my luggage and somehow realized that I did not pack my toothpaste (ya, of all things!). I checked my drawer and realized that we have run out “travel-sized” toothpaste.

The fact that I will be staying in a 4-star hotel where they provide complimentary toothpaste on a daily basis or I can always buy one at the nearest convenience store did not occur to me. I looked at my watch – there were 4 hours to kill before I need to head to the airport.

So, I decided to go and buy myself toothpaste and just as I was leaving the house, my son ran up and wanted to follow me (I guess he is already missing me). So there we were after buying that all-important toothpaste, in the car chatting and listening to good music when we neared a junction.

There was an old beat-up Wira at the front. I waited for the car to exit the junction and somehow I kept looking towards my right. I saw there was a gap in the traffic and decided that the car at the front had exited and foolishly pressed on the accelerator. BIG MISTAKE!

The bugger did not move at all and all I heard was a loud bang.

Damn! My first accident on my new car and it was due to a simple silly mistake (or rather toothpaste). I came out after telling my son to sit still in the car. First thing I looked at was the other car’s bumper (I was dreadful to see the damage on my car). The damage was not that bad and being a Wira, the bumper clip had come out and I knew that it could be easily fixed.

The driver came out – an old man and he looked at the bumper and started to exaggerate the damage – he said the whole bumper had gone under his car but I was not buying it (I admit that it was my fault and I was willing to pay for the damage but not to the extent that I was willing to be taken for a “ride”)

Then I turn to look at the damage on my car and I got a shock. Not a scratch at all. A bit of the bumper plastic came out of place but I managed to fix that in back (I later realized that 2 bumper clips had come out as well but it was not that obvious). We exchanged some details but surprisingly the other driver did not take down the most important details of all – my phone number.

As I am rushing for the airport now, I decided to take him to the nearest workshop which I knew. I went over and had a “friendly” chat with the workshop owner and discussed the cost to repair the damage – the whole thing was settled for RM60.

I paid the owner the money and told the driver that he will get his “already damaged before this accident” bumper fixed. Then I rushed back to the house, threw the bloody toothpaste into the luggage and went down to put the bag into the car. I double-checked my car for any more damage but nothing bad was visible from the front.

I need to check this again when I take my car for the next service. But it was painful indeed, very painful.

Made it to the airport in good time and met up with a colleague of mine who was travelling with me. Body-wise, I was at the airport but my mind was elsewhere – wondering if I could have turned back the time and avoided the accident.

But you know what the most painful part of the whole journey was – I never used the toothpaste that I bought in Malaysia. It was not a good start that I hoped for but for now, I was looking forward to the 5 ½ hours journey and almost a month-long stay in Shanghai – the Oriental Paris.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Overseas Assignment 2012: Part 1 – Trip to Modern Oriental Paris & Start of the Trip”

  1. Oh my god I would have had an aneurysm, such a thing happening just before a flight. I’m usually very anal until. Get on the flight so I can just imagine how u were feeling.

    Somehow I never seem to remember tompack my toothpaste… ever!!!! Is a mystery!

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