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Outbreak 2020: New Coronavirus Infection, Devotees Stupidity and Cow Urine


Although there are other things that have killed more humans than coronavirus, it is not something to be taken lightly – it can turn around and make things even worse. Some called it Karma. Image source: Atheist Republic Facebook

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The Health Ministry has a huge task ahead – it is chasing after 14,500 Malaysian who have attended a religious gathering in a mosque after it was found that one of the attendees from Brunei was tested positive for coronavirus.

The Health Ministry revealed that about 16,000 people attended the four-day ‘Ijtima Tabligh’ (religious) gathering at Masjid Jamek Sri Petaling, and not 10,000 people as previously estimated.

Of this, 14,500 of them were Malaysians, while the rest were international participants.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed this latest figures in an infographic uploaded on his Facebook page yesterday.

He described the tracing and identification process of attendees of the gathering as a “mammoth and daunting task”

“Our teams are on site working round the clock conducting the Mass Screening of Covid-19 at Masjid Jamek Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur last two days.


Despite the many calls in the news and social media, only 4,942 was identified with 3.069 went for screening and 77 of them was confirmed positive. They still have 11,431 missing on the loose spreading to others. The Ministry have even had roped the police to identify the remaining for screening.

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Just when you thought this was over, there was another stupidity on the horizon:-

More than 30,000 people thronged to the temple since early Sunday morning with devotees taking part in several poojas (prayer sessions), carrying of the paal kudam (milkpots) and other religious ceremonies at the 123-year-old temple.

Temple committee chairman A. Kanapathy said the festival attracted devotees and visitors from all over the country including neighbouring countries.

“Although fewer people are travelling because of Covid-19, but we are happy with the turnout and the festival was carried out smoothly, ” he said.


Don’t these people ever learned from what’s been happening lately? Don’t they read the news on the recent surge of new coronavirus cases due to the religious event in the mosque?

All you need is just 1 person with the coronavirus infection out of the 30,000 people who attended the prayer sessions to start the next wave of infection in the country. Why these people reckless and selfish – they just overwhelming the already overwhelmed Health Ministry and endangering others?

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Good thing is that Catholic churches in Kuching and Miri came to their senses and have announced they will suspend public masses temporarily in view of the recent outbreak of coronavirus cases. Until the world comes up with an effective vaccine and stopped new cases from appearing, we need to exercise such self-isolation and minimise attending any mass gathering so to minimise the possible infection.


No harming praying for a better tomorrow and when faced with something serious such as the coronavirus outbreak but then again, we also need to use our common sense & logic when dealing with the issue. Image source: Atheist Republic Facebook

The last thing we need in this country is a total lock down of a major city. That will be a nightmare – just ask people in total lock downs in Italy, China, Spain and Poland.

Aileen Froude told how daily life has become a “nightmare” in her new home city of Udine, after the government declared a nationwide lockdown.

“We are basically allowed to leave the house for shopping, food essentials and medical emergencies.
“When leaving the house we must take a certificate declaring where we are going and why.

“This will be verified by the police and anyone without this document, or justified cause, will risk fines or even jail time.”


And then we have this out of this world stupidity!!!

Hundreds of Hindu worshippers in India hosted a cow urine drinking party on Saturday in the belief that it will ward off cornavirus.

There is not yet a vaccine available for the virus, which is sweeping across the world and has so far infected more than 140,000 people, with more than 5,000 deaths.

But a group called the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (All India Hindu Union) hosted the urine-drinking ‘party’ on Saturday in Delhi, the country’s capital, in the hope of shielding themselves.


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In country where they can launch rovers to the moon, obviously for these set of morons, they have been infected with something that is far more dangerous from the coronavirus itself – severe brain damage which renders them unable to use their brain to think. And before anyone be quick to point out Ayurvedic benefit of cow’s urine, it is best to read further on the subject and understand the details.

Contrary to the claims of alternative therapies that say urine has curative powers, urologists and nephrologists say that the increasing concentration of toxins will quickly do more harm than good.

Gomutra might contain bioenhancers but they also contain several toxins too that the cow’s body is trying to excrete. ]

A distillate is a liquid which is condensed from a vapor during distillation and removes microbes and other substances that are harmful.

The best possible way to use bio-enhancers is to extract them, purify and use them. Raw ‘gomutra’ as it is excreted by a cow is harmful


For now, let’s keep out distance, minimise roaming around unnecessarily and always remember to wash our hands with water & soap and avoiding touching our faces. And for the hardcore devotees, pray from home – I am pretty sure the Al-Mighty is ever understanding & ever forgiving in view of the current circumstances.

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