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Tamil Movie Review 101: SP Bala As Brilliant Music Director, Actor and Singer

sigaram sp bala 1991 tamil movie radha rekha

Most of us are still reeling from the great loss, the late SP Bala was not only known as a great playback singer and actor but also a music director. Image source: Youtube

Sigaram is a Tamil movie that was released in 1991 where the late SP Bala was the lead actor, singer and also the music director. He plays the role of a famous music director and playback singer. The movie was also acted by Radha, Rekha, Anand Babu, Ramya Krishnan and Nizhalgal Ravi.

The movie as a whole is watchable and the part after SPB’s character had lost his wife was a good scene to show that he is good at acting as well as singing. This was a trait that he picked up during his singing style where he tries to mimic the characters in the movies so that the song becomes as natural as possible.

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The soundtrack for this movie as a whole is a hit and well composed and you will be easily be mistaken it to be composed by the maestro Ilayarajaa. This song titled Vannam Konda is one of the highlights of the soundtrack which is incidentally the first song of the movie. The other two must-listen songs are Agaram Ippo sung by KJ Yesudas and Itho Itho En by Chithra in a duet.

The song starts off with the classic sitar and tabla before moving on to the smooth sound of the violin. Then SP Bala starts off his rendition with a nice tabla rhythm in the background.  The chorus is the best part of the song with the low and high pitched voice before it comes back to the smooth rendition with the tabla. The inclusion of the saxophone is nicely done in the chorus. It is fast-paced but smoothly delivered at the same time.

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This is another take of the same song during 2019 Voice of Legends concert in Singapore that had the 3 main playback singers that include him, KJ Yesudas and Chithra. It is still mesmerising to hear this song and to be sung by SP Bala himself is indeed a pleasure.

The late SP Bala lives through his songs, movies and music.

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