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Food 101: Going Crazy On Japanese & Korean Food Spread Part 1

Sushi Food Japanese

One cannot run away from favourite sushi and Korean bento meals when talking about Japanese and Korean food. In Malaysia, we have Sushi King & Sakae Sushi which is like Japanese fast-food and to be frank, they have a good spread and we can even order online for home delivery. Photo by Rajesh TP

Read these first:-

Given that we often go for sushi meals for our Japanese food cravings, we decided to try something else this time around when we were at our usual shopping spot. We decided to try the yakitori meals from Sukiya Tokyo Bowl & Noodles.

Yakitori Japanese Food Sukiya

I opted for their yakitori set which comes with salad and miso soup and picked the one with double egg with grilled chicken. The chicken was tender and juicy and frankly, I could have gone for another round. The grilled leek and the half-cooked egg were a fantastic addition to the yakitori meal. The large set was priced at RM23.60++.

Yakitori Japanese Food Sukiya

The salad that came with the set was small however and only had the usual stuff. I just hoped that they had an option to size up to a larger serving.

Yakitori Japanese Food Sukiya

To end the meal, I opted for iced Sprite (my must-have drink on flights) and iced green tea primarily because I was very thirsty. Perhaps too many salty things in the meal? Or more likely I did not have enough water in the morning. Nonetheless, the iced drinks were quite good for the closure.

On another occasion, we decided to go for Korean meals instead of Japanese but unfortunately, the place that we wanted to go to was closed on that day and another was packed with customers. We did not want to wait for a seat so we left and decided to go for Korean meals another day.

After doing some research and reviews on Google, we decided to try the Korean BBQ dish at Daorae at Bandar Puchong Puteri. We opted for their family set meal which is enough to cater for 3-4 pax and includes pork cuts, marinated chicken, marinated baby octopus, kimchi hot pot, and vegetable pancake. This set also comes with the usual side dishes which can be refilled for free.

Daorae BBQ Korean Food Octopus

Baby octopus has always been my favourite seafood option when it comes to Japanese food. So it was a surprise to see one on the Korean BBQ menu set. And to ensure that the marinated meat is well cooked to perfection, the restaurant staff will handle the cooking and once done, serve steaming hot.

Daorae BBQ Korean Food Pancake

The Korean pancake which was rather tasteless was served in a large serving but then it was a good thing, they served it with some hot sauce. It was not enough to make the pancake more edible though. My kids tried it once but they did not like it so I ended up eating this by myself. Perhaps it takes time to get used to the tasteless taste of the pancake.

Daorae BBQ Korean Food Pork

There are plenty of pork meat cuts on the menu so don’t expect anything halal here. Once again, all the cooking is done by the restaurant staff so we don’t have to waste time cooking. All of the meat is well marinated but once it is cooked, I feel that it is a bit dry in the end. Of course, to beat the dryness, we can use the various sauces that were provided.

Daorae BBQ Korean Food Side Dish

One good thing about Korean meals is the unlimited side dishes that get replenished upon request and we can choose which side dish that we want. Kimchi was definitely one of the items in the side dishes provided but I liked their fishcakes and soy dishes even more.

Daorae BBQ Korean Food Side Dish

The spicy-looking sambal unfortunately is not spicy at all but it provides the required moisture to the roasted meat. The anchovies were sweet and nicely roasted and crunchy with peanuts.

To be continued…

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