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Paranormal 101: My Favorite Brave Paranormal Investigators on Youtube

Paranormal Deborah Logan Ghost Scary

Imagine that you are a paranormal investigator and you are walking along a maze of caves when your torchlight catches a demon-like woman eating a girl’s head in one of the caverns. What would be your reaction? Image source from the movie Deborah Logan but watch this scene over Youtube. It is really scary considering how realistic it is.

Read these first:-

Paranormal Warren Conjuring James Wan

Probably one of the best known paranormal investigators thanks to the Conjuring series that spooked as well, thanks to the talent and creativity of James Wan. Image source: Wikipedia

Why Getting Scared Is Good?

Everyone loves a good ghost story and if you have some like James Wan handling the story and directorship, it is going to be very scary and entertaining at the same time.

Admittedly, we all get spooked by the shadow and sound of bumps at night. It is part and parcel of our evolution where the body pushes up the adrenalin so that one can be alert to a potential enemy or wild beast.

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Horror researcher Mathias Clausen tells us the science of why we love to be scared half to death. Mathias Clasen is a specialist in horror media and has spent years getting to the bottom of the paradox of horror: Why do people seek out the kind of entertainment that’s designed to make them feel bad?

Drawing from research on human cognition and evolution, Mathias argues that our appetite for horror and our fascination with monsters run deep in our nature. Horror entertainment serves important functions for us by satisfying a deep-seated need for imaginative experiences with scenarios of danger.

Personally, I like to watch this kind of urban exploration and paranormal investigation for 2 main reasons:-

Firstly, I want to be in THE situation without the need to be facing whatever that is lurking in the dark corner room

Secondly, I want to explore the rundown, supposedly haunted abandoned mental asylum without the need to be facing the dark black shadow standing at the end of the hallway

This is rather funny considering I often travel overseas and stay alone in hotel rooms, not knowing the background story of the hotel and the room. What if for the fun of it, the receptionist decided to give me the most haunted room in the place and late at night, I am watching all these paranormal videos. Pretty sure, something was watching it over my shoulder.

Paranormal Ghost Nuke Top 5

Imagine you notice a small kid looking from the corner of the wall in some abandoned building at 3 in the morning. Well, you call out to the kid and run over, no one is there. Image source: Pinterest

Nuke’s Top Five Channel

There are plenty of paranormal and urban exploration videos on Youtube and it is done in many languages as well. However going through some of the videos, I settled down with the Youtube Channel titled “Nuke’s Top 5” mainly because this is a properly curated channel where paranormal videos from other channels are reviewed and then selected.

The specific scene where the paranormal event happen is then edited and combined with all other videos into a 20 minutes video. Sometimes, the appearance of the ghost or the dark entity is replayed and highlighted just in case we miss it the first time around. This makes watching easier and more focused.

Solo Ambush Paranormal

I believe this one guy is made of uranium & thick steel – he mocks the unexplained shadows and does exploration into dark thick jungles all alone. Image source: Solo Ambush’s Youtube channel

Malaysian Urban Paranormal Explorers

In Malaysia, we have our own urban explorers and some of them even had encountered paranormal situations during the exploration. One of them is Faizal Rozi who does an interesting exploration of abandoned resorts and buildings. He will do recce in the morning and then exploration at wee hours.

Another channel is Solo Ambush who in my opinion is one of the bravest guys around doing the paranormal investigation. He often does exploration alone and live sessions over Facebook & Youtube and he often taunts the ghosts if any with jokes.

However, my favourite is Farhan Jamal’s Youtube channel where Farhan and often with his buddies would drive at wee hours along roads or parts of highway where it is said to be haunted or incidents of paranormal have happened. This is interesting because as a person who likes to drive but not at night, the roads at wee hours are quite interesting, spooky and mysterious.

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Some of the drives by the thick jungles does present some challenges as there are unknown entities who do interact with whoever driving past by. In the video above, Farhan has already done a drive-by Tasik Pedu once but on another time where he passes by the road leading to Tasik Pedu as the road condition is expected to be bad, his friend got possessed by some unknown entity who started to challenge Farhan who remains calm and scolds the entity back (starts at 21st minute).

That was the point I was made to realise that supernatural forces will only mess with your mind if you are only afraid of them. If you are unafraid and stand up to them, you can fight them off, at least mentally.

There is another time when he and his friend go for exploration of a jungle resort on foot and they found an abandoned toilet far deep in the resort where it is not opened to other visitors. Just as Farhan tries to enter, his friend tells him not to enter as there is “something” inside. I recall seeing a similar toilet next to a secluded beach in Penang and I recalled this video of Farhan and decided to keep my distance away from it.

Paranormal Investigation in Tamil

Actually, I did not know that there were Tamil speaking paranormal investigators in India and I only came across them by mistake when another channel mentioned these paranormal investigators. Compared to the Malaysian exploration who may not capture anything paranormal, I found that these paranormal investigators will always be able to capture something paranormal or suspicious.

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The more famous one with more than 750,000 subscribers is Simply Sarath who started with doing paranormal and urban exploration alone before now doing with his team of 2 or 3 timid friends depending on the location. He has a good opening soundtrack too which sets the right tone before the video officially starts. They have encountered numerous encounters with dark entities and the sounds of someone crying in most of their videos. I rate their encounter with a dark entity in an abandoned factory to be one of the scariest ones where the dark entity was just standing very near to them and yet can move from one building to another with ease.

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Next, is Gray Wolf who has more than 500,000 subscribers and also started off doing solo exploration initially and has encountered quite a number of paranormal encounters. He also does exploration with his friends at times and interestingly some of the encounters are not paranormal but rather with mentally challenged persons or “homeless” people (who can walk around in an abandoned factory without any lights). His solo exploration of an abandoned bungalow above where a girl was killed by her parents and the parents committed suicide would probably be one of the scariest encounters todate.

Finally is Spooky Goutham who just started doing paranormal explorations and thus far have only more than 50,000 subscribers but the number is indeed climbing. One interesting about him is that he does all his explorations mostly alone and some of it had been explored by Simply Sarath and Gray Wolf who had explored with a bigger team. And when he sees any dark entity or some suspicious sound, instead of running away, he actually runs towards it quite bravely.

The problem with these Tamilian paranormal investigators compared to the Western or Russian or even Malaysian paranormal investigators is the lack of equipment although lately, they have managed to get good cameras and night vision cameras that had captured some of the spookiest encounters with ghosts and dark entities. The other is their attire when they are exploring abandoned buildings – they don’t wear proper masks, shoes and clothes which opens the risk of them being cut by broken glasses or wild thorns or poisonous gases.

Final Say

Personally, I had several encounters with the paranormal when I was working at my previous company and where the office was located in an old building. There have been incidents of some paranormal activities reported over the years and some of the floors were deemed too hot.

Frankly speaking, I have the highest respect for these urban and paranormal explorers who take a very high risk to themselves and their team members and yet still come up with great content for their subscribers. And some of the paranormal encounters recorded on camera are truly bizarre, frightening and unexplainable.

But watching these paranormal investigations (whether it is fake or real or unexplainable) whilst is entertaining, builds up the resistance to fear of the shadows. Compared to the time when I would be afraid of unexplainable sounds, I believe that I have become a bit more resilient and perhaps curious about the unexplained sound or the shadow that just moved from left to right.