Tamil Movie Review: Rajavukku Check 2020, Thriller Gripping Storyline

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Rajavukku Check means Check Mate in Tamil and I managed to catch up watching this action thriller Tamil movie starring Cheran recently. WARNING ahead – this is not a movie to watch with the whole family. Movie poster source: IndiaGlitz

The lock down has unfortunately confined us to our homes with little things to do unless you are very creative and make the best of the lock down.…

Kaithi: Probably the Best Tamil Movie of 2019


(Kaithi is one of the best Tamil action movies for 2019 with a very solid storyline, background music and acting. Image source: IMDB)

It is not often I am ready to spent money to watch Tamil movies in cinema and it is for obvious reasons – loose & illogical story line, some of dumbest heroines and out of place song sequences.…

Indian Cinema 101: Seriously Funny Tamil Court Drama Scenes


A courtroom drama worth watching over and over again – “A Few Good Men” (photo source: www.amctheatres.com)

If you want to see a good courtroom drama, the last place you will be looking for it is in a Tamil movie.

Forget about expecting a realistic & legalistic scene, the outcome is usually is predictable and the hero (don’t mind if he has killed 30 people in cold blood) often gets scot-free in the end.…

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