Trip to Cape Verde 2019: Part 5 – Miserable But Comfortable Hotel


Santa Maria Cape Verde Hotel Praia

(The front entrance of the hotel in Praia, Cape Verde – Image Source: Amoma)

We had a scheduled 69 days stay in Cape Verde for project implementation, so it was crucial that we nailed the accommodations right from the start.

It’s crucial because as in the past projects, we can expect stressful & long working hours – so we will always be looking forward towards to a cosy warm bed, a clean room and a minimum room service.… [Click to read the rest] “Trip to Cape Verde 2019: Part 5 – Miserable But Comfortable Hotel”

Customer Service 101: When Service Really Sucks!

customer service

(I have walked off from restaurants couple of times before when there was no service or when my orders delivered late but it was a bit hard difficult to do the same when you have a family in tow. Image source:

Don’t mind me, it has been sometime since I bitched about service at a restaurant or is it is because it is the weekend again.… [Click to read the rest] “Customer Service 101: When Service Really Sucks!”

Overseas Assignment 2012: Part 3 – Trip to Modern Oriental Paris & Glorious Food

oriental paris shanghai trip flight food

(My very first food in my Shanghai trip – I opted for something familiar, rice and chicken with beans and cold salad. It was good but I then realized my mistake – the weather was cold but the food was not warm enough. No wonder others were having the hot bowl of noodles and soup)

[Click to read the rest] “Overseas Assignment 2012: Part 3 – Trip to Modern Oriental Paris & Glorious Food”

Tale of 2 Restaurants

I will be traveling over the next 2 weeks and may not be blogging but here’s one before I go…

(Something that is lacking in Malaysia but hardly anyone makes the attempt to improve it. Image source:

There is plenty of restaurants near my workplace and their services differs one from another.… [Click to read the rest] “Tale of 2 Restaurants”

Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: Trip to ‘Chilly’ Restaurant

Chinese restaurant tanglung

(One good sign that it is a Chinese restaurant is red lights and tang-lungs on the inside and on the outside. By the way, Chilly in Iran means Chinese)

From day 1 after we had arrived here, we have been looking for a cheap Chinese restaurant and thus far, we have been unsuccessful.… [Click to read the rest] “Fantastic Trip to Iran 2009: Trip to ‘Chilly’ Restaurant”

30 Cents Fuel Price Increase: Time to Boycott Some Restaurants

restaurant price increase

When the announcement on the fuel price was made, the Indian Restaurant near my work place lost not time increasing the food prices.

It cost us more now for breakfast and lunch at this restaurant now  – teh tarik went up from RM1.00 to RM1.20, burger up by another 20 cents and roti canai up by another 10 cents.… [Click to read the rest] “30 Cents Fuel Price Increase: Time to Boycott Some Restaurants”

What’s with the 30 cents increase?

30 cents

(Are we driving the right car to be concerned with 30 cents increase in fuel price? Cartoon source: and copyright by John Fewings)

I heard about the so called “covert” increase in fuel price when I was still in Bangkok. It hit me hard when I returned to Malaysia and found the plain mee goreng at my favorite mamak joint has gone up by 20 cents at the stroke of midnight!… [Click to read the rest] “What’s with the 30 cents increase?”

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