Kingdom of Cambodia 2020: Part 1, Hurdling Tough And Strict Red Tapes

Royal Palace Cambodia Phnom Penh Travel

They say the show must go on and so it is when it comes to work  – this time is the work overseas assignment in Cambodia which is also known as the Kingdom of Wonders. This would be probably my 10th trip to the country. The Royal Palace in Cambodia, Phnom Penh – image source: All Free Photos[Click to read the rest] “Kingdom of Cambodia 2020: Part 1, Hurdling Tough And Strict Red Tapes”

Regulation on Businesses: Don’t Make Things Difficult Part 1

ehailing regulations

New regulations and identifying area of improvement between e hailing and taxi companies in this country are part and parcel of the Government policies to provide a fair grounds for both segment to strive and to ensure service to the general public is not compromised. Image source: Malaysiakini

In 1981, the Malaysia Incorporated Policy was introduced to encourage the close cooperation between the public and private sectors whereby both sectors act and operate within a “Malaysian Company”.… [Click to read the rest] “Regulation on Businesses: Don’t Make Things Difficult Part 1”

BMF: Boycott This Instead!

Read These First:-


(A notice is posted at a retail outlet in Seoul on July 12, 2019, stating that it is neither selling nor buying Japanese products. A boycott campaign of Japanese goods is spreading in response to Japan’s recent curbs on exports of key chemicals to South Korean semiconductor and display manufacturers.[Click to read the rest] “BMF: Boycott This Instead!”

Governance 101: Whack The Wrongdoers Hard, Please!


(Here lies the problem with governance – some people have no sense of responsibility whatsoever just because they are spending money that does not belong to them and they know that if they can waste the taxpayer’s money without any care or prudence, they will not be punished even if it was reported by the Auditor General.[Click to read the rest] “Governance 101: Whack The Wrongdoers Hard, Please!”

Attitude 101: Being Polite Part 2


(Polite customer – does it sounds familiar? Cartoon source:

I still recall stand-up comedian Kumar’s joke – when he walked into a high-class boutique, the salesgirl looked at him from head to toe with a puzzled face that asked: “do you have money to buy things?”

He, of course, got annoyed with the treatment that he got from the salesgirl that he proceeded to buy something very expensive and paid for it with coins.… [Click to read the rest] “Attitude 101: Being Polite Part 2”

Attitude 101: Being Polite Part 1

lock down queue polite

(How often you have impatient & impolite people behind the counter treating you like you owe them something?)

Just the other day, I watched the movie “Invictus” and noticed that Nelson Mandela (excellently acted by Morgan Freeman) was a very polite man. He was courteous and well mannered even to his “ex-enemies”.… [Click to read the rest] “Attitude 101: Being Polite Part 1”

Governance 101: Overseas Malaysians’ Home Calling!

home calling malaysia

(Calling overseas Malaysians back home acknowledges the fact that there is a brain drain is one thing BUT taking the right steps to stop them from leaving in the first place is a whole different ball game. Can the Government do it? Image source:[Click to read the rest] “Governance 101: Overseas Malaysians’ Home Calling!”

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