Prepping 101: 5 Essential Things You Must Have When You Move To New House

wrench set house prepping toolbox hardware

(My favourite set of tools as I can use for both house related DIY fixes and also car repairs. It is easy for my kids to use to fix their own cabinets and book selves for their rooms. Image source: Lazada) 

In the last 2 years, a number of my colleagues, friends and relatives had bought new houses and immediately set on renovation and interior decoration. However with the global pandemic where the future is uncertain, it pertinent for all to revisit on the idea of prepping the house so that you can depend less on others for simple fixes and works.

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Bootloops, Internet & Shitty Service Center


(I love the icons at the bottom – it was a very cool theme but unfortunately with a hidden time bomb and had to resort to looking for a service center. Image source: Google Play)

It happened once when I still had my trusted N8 and not surprisingly it has happened again

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Tech News 101: The Symbian is FINALLY dead!

symbian nokia n8

(Anodised aluminium monocoque case – that is what grabs you when you see a Symbian powered Nokia N8 smartphone for the first time. That’s what happened to me and it became my first smartphone and it remained until it was clear that it’s OS, Symbian^3 will no longer be developed with new releases. Image source:

My venture to smartphones probably triggered by an incident at a car park – the parking attendant with dirty short pants & flip-flops was updating his status on Facebook with an iPhone. It then occurred to me that the age of the smartphone is already here and somehow I had missed catching the boat.

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Tech News 101: Nokia N8 Firmware Update Part 3

symbian nokia OS

(Any new updates to smartphone firmware with new features, themes and UI is always welcomed. Image Nokia )

This probably will be the “last” Symbian^3 OS update before Nokia goes all out on Windows Phone 7

I managed to update my N8 to the latest Nokia firmware – Nokia Belle yesterday but to do that, one needs the latest Nokia Suite (FOTA – firmware update over the air was not possible).

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Tech News 101: Painful Unhanging the Frozen Hard Nokia N8

symbian nokia OS n8

(Nokia N8 is great but sometimes I forget that it is more than a phone – it has a very complex system running in the background. Image Nokia)

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Tech News 101: Playing with Nokia N8

Update 1: Read the excellent “13 Reasons Why I Love The N8

Back to the original post

symbian nokia OS

Hmm, how should I do this?


(The Commuter, which was filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 in HD, stars Dev Patel as a commuter on his way to his first day of work.[Click to read the rest] “Tech News 101: Playing with Nokia N8”

Tech News 101: Nokia N8, My Personal First Impressions

symbian nokia OS game nn8

(After many phones over the last few years, this Nokia N8 must be my real smartphone which means a major leap from a traditional phone experience – Image source:

Well, it is not really an iPhone but it is cheaper and in some areas, better and certainly a quantum leap over this.

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Gaming 101: The Fight Against The Powerful Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Gaming Game Scary

The latest Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game that is developed by Blizzard and starting off with Diablo 1 that was released in 1997.  However, it was Diablo 2 that was released in 2000, became my personal favourite and which I played for hours till the end. Image source: Blizzard.

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Zen Mode 101: Music – My Lifeline!

music brain

It is a know that music affects the brain in a very positive way namely to reduce stress, reduces anxiety and improves concentration. The question is how does music really affect the brain? Image source: Quora

It is Day 5 of our overseas assignment in Dubai and clearly it was time to put on the headphones and listen to some music as it was very noisy at the workplace and it was getting on our nerves! Everyone seems to be on the edge and the slightest irritations seem to spark arguments at any moment.

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Know Your Car Basics 101: Upgrading ICE For The Car

project ice car player mp3

Before you think further, ICE means In-Car-Entertainment.

The ICE in my car in the form of my CD player is my life-line whenever I am stuck in a traffic jam or travelling along the North-South Highway. After I bought my trusty Iswara back in 2003, my focus from the very start was to ensure that the ICE is “top-notch” (based on my budget of course).

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