Know Your Car Basics 101: Looking for the Best Car Service Center?

(The last thing you expect to see in a car service centre. Image source: Pinterest)

It is heartening to hear that Proton has come up with a 60 minutes express service but in my opinion, they should have done this a long time ago.

Sending your car for car service can be a sticky thing.… [Click to read the rest] “Know Your Car Basics 101: Looking for the Best Car Service Center?”

Enforcement 101: Quote of Week – Unsafe Cars

“The lack of demand among Malaysians for safety features is the main reason why many vehicles sold in the country do not meet international safety standards”

proton saga ancap miros crash test unsafe

(Just how many of the locally made cars had even passed the basic crash test with flying colours? If you know the answer, then you will know that we been screwed with unsafe cars for a very long time now but the question is who’s’ fault is it?[Click to read the rest] “Enforcement 101: Quote of Week – Unsafe Cars”

Personal 101: High Time for A Brand New Robust Car

proton personal elegance car

(Looking for a new car, the enhancements for Proton Persona SE, now called Elegance. Proton Persona has the right package for the right price but as a friend with Toyota Vios has told me – it is still a Proton and that itself says a lot on the quality of the end product.[Click to read the rest] “Personal 101: High Time for A Brand New Robust Car”

Sparing the Part 2


Just a short extension of my earlier post

(Which of one is the real deal? Image source:

For anyone driving the national car – did you realise that you can register yourself at Proton Parts Centre website for free and then can view and order genuine spare parts directly from Proton via Pos Malaysia.… [Click to read the rest] “Sparing the Part 2”

Is Proton still cheating you?

If you felt cheated on the price and quality of Proton cars, I don’t blame you. It is a fact that Proton sells cars at an exorbitant price in a government protected sector. It is a fact that you can buy better (and cheaper) cars if Proton was not protected.It

[Click to read the rest] “Is Proton still cheating you?”
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