Driving Skills 101: Queue Jumper’s Unnecessary Provocations

provocation queue-jumper

(The “usual” provocations from the queue jumpers at the toll plaza – the traffic moves faster if everyone queues up and wait for their turn. Imagine what happens if one idiot decides to drive between the proper queues and tries to cut in. Before you know it, another line had formed in between the 2 original lines and the traffic comes to a crawl.[Click to read the rest] “Driving Skills 101: Queue Jumper’s Unnecessary Provocations”

Enforcement 101: Entertaining Traffic Offence Criminals

The Government want to give a dim hope to criminals on the road to continue their crime is beyond any reasonable comprehension.

(Traffic offenders are not only a major nuisance on the road but they are also dangerous to others. I don’t see the point of giving leniency towards repeated offenders.[Click to read the rest] “Enforcement 101: Entertaining Traffic Offence Criminals”

2 Queue Jumpers and 1 Angry Guy

(What does gives you the right to cut in? Some idiots don’t get this unless they are bashed up)

I guess God was testing my patience this morning and I failed him miserably

There was an accident this morning (I heard in Kelana Jaya) and unsurprisingly that set off a chain reaction on the traffic.
[Click to read the rest] “2 Queue Jumpers and 1 Angry Guy”
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