May 2005

Motorcyclist killed after ramming bus

When they will ever learn?

The Star on Monday reported that “If only he had worn a helmet, Maniam Murugan might not have been killed when the motorcycle he was riding hit a stalled bus on Friday. It was not that the 33-year-old labourer from Temenggung flats in Kulai did not have a helmet; police found one in the carrier of his motorcycle.”… [Click to read the rest] “Motorcyclist killed after ramming bus”


It was raining cats and dogs in Klang when we were there to purchase clothes for my son for his birthday on Saturday. I was worried that by the looks of the traffic jam, it may have flooded. Luckily, the jam was only due to a faulty traffic light and we managed to reach the shop at right time.… [Click to read the rest] “Thunderstorm!”