So cute and so loveable

Was housekeeping up my digital photos the other day and come across a photo of my son which I took when he was still 4 months old. I think I can keep looking at his photo the whole day. Just don’t realised how fast time flies.

* My son in “prayer” mode (copyright by balajoe@2005)

Farewell Goh Siang Boon

Farewell friend…

One of my good colleagues had resigned and his last day was today. What I liked most about Goh is that he was quite resourceful in finding solutions for system problems and is quite humble when it to comes teaching others.

All the best to him

Obesity issue getting bigger

Malaysia faces a truly weighty problem – there could be 4.4 million adults who are overweight or obese by 2020. A nine-year study also shows that Indians are most overweight, followed by Malays and Chinese.

Oh dear, why I am not surprised that Indians are most overweight. I took some drastic measures myself to reduce weight and managed to reduce 4 kg todate (but unable to go far).

The way I see it, the reasons for Indians having an overweight problem is as follows:-

  • Late dinner time. Indians are the only one who has a very dinner late at night (I had once 5 course dinner at 12.30 am and beers after that with 10 other people)
  • Too much meat. Indians loves their chicken curry, fish curry and mutton curry and if it has chunks of fat, the food taste even more
  • Too much coconut milk (“santan”). Almost every dish has santan somewhere in it, otherwise it is not an Indian dish
  • Too much alcohol (some may differ with me here). Let’s face it, if you don’t drink, you are not a true Indian and if you don’t drink heavy, then you are wimp. Indians are also well known for their “todi” (fermented coconut water) for the extra boost

* Not my stomach wor – my cousin’s stomach captured on candid camera (copyright by Balajoe@2005)