Me and My Proton 0 (0)

I am not a Proton lover but I had no choice. There is enough Proton bashing around.

It has been 2 years now and my Proton is still going strong, clocking over 55,000 kilometers. The best part of car is the low maintenance cost. All you need is to take care of the water and oil.… Click to read the rest

Hadaka Matsuri 0 (0)

I was watching National Geography on Astro and there has a show on the Tokyo Shock Boys (who are a group of four highly energetic and wacky performers).

* The shock boys with shocking faces (Source:

They would journey to participate and showcase four unique festivals in Japan. One of the eye popping one was the Hadaka Matsuri (or Naked Festival), where the Shock Boys tussled with 10,000 nearly naked men in loincloths to touch one naked holy man with the outside temperature at minus 2 degrees.

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