Merdeka Suatu Ketika Dulu

31 haribulan Ogos. Hari Kemerdekaan negara tercinta kita.

Saya masih ingat lagi semasa saya masih di alam persekolahan dulu. Saya dan rakan-rakan saya sememangnya menunggu hari tersebut. Maklumlah kita cuti sekolah. Apa lagi, kita pun membuat rancangan kita untuk bersiar-siar kat ibukota sebelah petang pada Hari Kemerdekaan. Sebab di sebelah pagi, kita boleh dikatakan “agak bersemangat” untuk menonton perarakan Hari Kemerdekaan di televisyen.… [Click to read the rest] “Merdeka Suatu Ketika Dulu”

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For this Merdeka, let’s do this…


From the movie “Independance Day“, President Thomas Whitmore gives this speech before the major battle:-
“Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.
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For Merdeka, please raise your hand!

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Tuanku Abdul Rahman: I raise my hand to shout “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka”.

It was the pivotal moment in our country’s history when we finally said that we are going to do it OUR way. We are going to start anew…we are going to built a nation irrespective the color of our skin.… [Click to read the rest] “For Merdeka, please raise your hand!”

This should inspire us!


As I was reading about an article about the science of Lance Armstrong, I am truly amazed of his achievements: winning the Tour de France for the 7th consecutive victory.

Whilst science may have proven how he could have done, leave no doubt in your mind that it is sheer hard work and having a very positive mind that brought success to him.

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Now, this is a joke…package for the newlyweds?

(Inspired by Nilesh’s post on marriage)

THE National Population and Family Planning Board have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with several non governmental agencies to spearhead its “Smart Startpackage for newlywed couples.The key areas in the package were Marriage Preparation, Marriage, Family Health, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Parenthood, Managing Family Resources, Managing Stress and Conflict.[Click to read the rest] “Now, this is a joke…package for the newlyweds?”

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Blitz on bikers without helmets?

About time someone acted on this menace!

After experiencing the near-misses with some idiots on the road last week, I was wondering why Government have not acted on those riders. However, even that now Government has mentioned about it, I doubt that it will be successfully implemented especially in kampung and housing areas.… [Click to read the rest] “Blitz on bikers without helmets?”

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Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.It has been 2 great years since I wed my lovely wife. This year anniversary will be even better because our son will join in for the celebrations. My meeting with my wife started almost 7 years ago. Yes, it was arranged but soon we started to exchange letters, phone calls and sneaking out to catch a movie or two.… [Click to read the rest] “Wedding Anniversary”

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I almost murdered someone last Sunday night!

It was about 9.45 pm and I was traveling along LDP towards my grandma’s house in Serdang. In the car were my wife and my son. As usual, we were jovial and chit-chatting whilst listening to cool music when I noticed in my side mirror: 2 motorcyclists on the fast lane, weaving in and out of the fast lane and the middle lane as if the highway belonged to them.… [Click to read the rest] “I almost murdered someone last Sunday night!”

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Playing Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek. That’s the main game for my son these days…he will hide himself and show himself, smiling when we shout out “Where is Danesh?”

As we are worried that he may hide himself and injure himself, we have managed to reduce his “hiding” places. However he still gets creative.

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The zoom power…

My friend has just bought a new digital camera and was unsure about the zoom because there was 2 mentioned – digital zoom and optical zoom.
I checked my photo “database” to show him the difference between a digital zoom and an optical zoom. I did not realise how my digital camera optical zoom came in handy when I took this picture of my sibling way down at the beach in Port Dickson couple months ago.
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