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2 Queue Jumpers and 1 Angry Guy

(What does gives you the right to cut in? Some idiots don’t get this unless they are bashed up)

I guess God was testing my patience this morning and I failed him miserably

There was an accident this morning (I heard in Kelana Jaya) and unsurprisingly that set off a chain reaction on the traffic. The road from Puchong to Sunway was heavier than usual despite me coming out from my house 15 minutes earlier.

Let’s meet Idiot No 1

After paying the toll at Sunway Toll, I joined the long line of the crawling traffic, patiently inching towards my exit, less than a kilometre away. I noted that one of car was using the small gap between the kerb and the line to cut queue. I did what any other sensible driver would have done – I pull out and blocked the car whilst maintaining the flow of the traffic.

Unluckily for the queue jumper, the other cars behind me saw what I did and started to close the gap too. That left the queue jumper no place to go but to stop and allow all those cars that he conveniently cut to pass before he can join in the line back.

I was so happy that I starting singing in my car. My “happiness” however did not last long because as you know, in Malaysia there is no shortage of idiots on the road.

Idiot No. 2

Stopping Idiot no. 1 on his tracks would have made my day…until I encountered another queue jumper at the junction near the Sunway Medical Centre. Towards the Sunway Medical Centre from LDP are 4 lanes – 2 going straight and 2 more is turning in to the right. As I was driving toward the turning to the right, suddenly a Kancil (plate number WMD 9346) from the extreme left cut right in front of me at the turning, causing me to slam my brakes to avoid it. It sped off and I was so pissed off with idiot that I started to chase the car. Yes, I started to chase it despite of telling everyone that I have ways to keep cool (ya, I ignored my own advice).

I managed to catch up and overtook the car. I saw a middle aged Chinese male driver, driving as if nothing happened (you know sometimes this idiots give the “bodoh-bodoh” look after they have done wrong). I pressed my horns to get his attention (I know he was aware of my car as he keep avoiding to see me). He finally turned to see and I showed him my fist whilst shouting “P#@#$#” loudly (I know he won’t be able to hear that but it was good to let off some steam). I wanted to cut him off and have a “really unfriendly chat” with him but there were other cars in the lane, so I decided not. The last I saw, the idiot was driving towards Subang.

Now, on a lighter side of being a road rage – I need to cool down myself (make sure your PC speaker is ON):-

I signing off to take long deep breath – to calm myself down, breath in, breath out…

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