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Health 101: Handling Tough Gym Heavy Equipment

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It has been a while since I last visited the gym. Image source: Needpix

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I was one of the frequent visitors to a gym near my workplace when I was all up to reduce my weight last year. The place is great – a 5-minute walk from my office and there are fewer crowds during the off-office hours – so I need not have to fight with others for the equipment. Lastly & more importantly, we guys get to see the college girls doing their aerobics while we were on the cycle facing them (ha, have to keep pinching myself to remind me that I am a married man).

The first few days were great – there was a personal trainer to monitor us and show how to use the gym equipment correctly & effectively. That was very important because the last we wanted is to have a 50kg weight lifting equipment to falling down on our chest (especially in front of the girls – we always need to maintain the macho look even though our bulging stomach shows otherwise)

One of my favourite if the treadmill, ya, the equipment that allows you to do what you could do for free on the outside – walk and run but I liked the machine because it keeps track of the mile (yes, the equipment is made in the USA so it calculates in “miles”), my heart rate (funny to note that my heart rate goes up if a “good shaped” girl was using the treadmill on my left or right, haha, just joking) and how much calories that I “burn” (which is not much because the size of my tummy remained almost the same after 3 months of “3 times a week” gym visits).

Day in, day out, there always seem to be a crowd waiting their turn on the treadmill – perhaps it is fashionable to be with their CD player on and doing brisk walking. That leaves us, the “newbies”, to try on other things like the cycle or weight-lifting (which is great except the part where the trainer keep adding up the weights)

Except for the initial problem with “pressing the right button”, I did not have any problems handling treadmill & other gym equipment. In case you have a problem, see this funny short movie (the funniest story I have seen so far this year) from youtube (gosh, I just love this site) which explains it all

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