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Fuel lid and traveling

I was in KL the other day and whilst waiting at the traffic light, I noted this Kancil with something sticking out from its fuel lid. It looks like a piece of cloth but a slight breeze was blowing at the time, causing the cloth to be swaying left and right. It looked like a worm trying to burrow into the fuel lid. It’s funny to note how the driver could have missed that.
On a separate note, this will be my last post…

Last post before I am away on a work assignment to Bangkok for 3 weeks long. Despite its close proximity, I never been to Bangkok (hmm, to think about it, I have not been to many places in Malaysia too), so it will be great to see the place and meet interesting people. From what I have read, people there are friendly, food is great and massages are superb. As long as there are good pubs around, I should be safe and comfortable.

So, from next week, I would be blogging from Bangkok (if my official work does not bog me down) and yes, you can count on me to be “trigger-free” on my camera.
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