Tamil Movies: Seriously Funny Court Drama Scenes 0 (0)


A court room drama worth watching over and over again – “A Few Good Men” (photo source: www.amctheatres.com)

If you want to see a good court room drama, the last place you will be looking for it is in a Tamil movie.

Forget about expecting a realistic & legalistic scene, the outcome is usually is predictable and the hero (don’t mind if he has killed 30 people in cold blood) often gets scot-free in the end. Hearsays are often admitted as crucial evidence (witnesses often played by the Gurkha, gardener or the maid). Often court room scene is added in to bridge the loose & weak sub plots in the movie.

Predictably, there has not been a full blown court room drama (otherwise I would have a field day writing a review about it). So when I was taking a break from playing computer games and watched a re-run of the Tamil movie “Citizen” last week, my expectation was not that high when the court room drama came on (for the synopsis, read here)

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