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Heavy Rain and Irish Bar

If you were asking what is the connection here, I would say “cold weather”.

The rain came early and left early yesterday much to our relief, so our walk back to the hotel was a “dry” one. The atmosphere was quite cold though. So, with the air-conditioner in the office set to the max, it was like working in the Arctics. Luckily me and another colleague of mine had enough work to distract our mind from the cold (well almost).

The line of colorful umbrellas at the office – photographed just after lunch and it continued to rained another 2 hours after

So, when we got off work at about 8.00 pm, we wanted to stop by an Irish pub named the Irish Xchange for a drink and food (more for drink really – we were feeling so cold). We have read from the net that exparties and travelers frequent this and the choice of food is good. Since it is also on the way to the hotel, it made more sense to make a “pit stop” before closing for the night.

As we walked into the bar, we were greeted by a full house of westerners having their drink among friends and colleagues. It was a full house indeed at the ground floor. Luckily for us, Irish Xchange had another floor up and we quickly made our way up. I would say that atmosphere as “cozy” – dim lights, pool table at one corner, a big screen in the middle and a group of westerners laughing and drinking at another corner.

The cozy Irish Xchange bar – it seems to be best place to be around without going far in the rain

The menu at the bar was “comprehensive” but rather was expensive. I opted for Thai dish – fried rice and chicken (125 Baht), the original Irish dishes were way too expensive, going as high as 495 Baht. We ordered our drinks – 90 Baht per bottle for a San Miguel beer. We were chatting and drinking whilst waiting for the food – there was no live band but there were some background music (cannot beat the pubs back home – with lively Bhangra music & youngsters heavy with "tanni"). We were starving by then. Given the atmosphere and the prices of the food & drink, I had expected my meal portion to be small. I was surprised when the waiter bought my food, the portions were big – hmmm, well worth the money I paid.

After couple of drinks, we left the bar – it was only Thursday night and nothing much was happening then. Probably we will check out the place again on Saturday night. Tag: Other Trips

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