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Playing with Oranges – Part 2

Part I is here

I don’t know why but every time I stay in a hotel (irregardless where), I just need to take the picture of the bedside lamps (such as the last photo in this post)

I would switch off all the lights in the room, leaving just the dim light from the side lamps and take the pictures. Perhaps because it makes me feel calm and cozy which is exactly what I need after a tired day of travel. Perhaps it is just of the right color – orange. If possible, I prefer to have the color blue but it is difficult to have hotel rooms with blue light (unless in the red light district perhaps).

The above is a shot of the lamp that I took when I was staying in Bangkok last month. I was preparing the “site” to take the picture of the newspaper for a post. Then I realised that the even the lamp looked nice, so I took the shot.

The above is another angle of the same lamp – from the top. The light is from Phillips but they were not using the energy saving one. I often use this light when I am reading books at night or listening to the radio. Somehow I feel more relaxed.

The above shot is from the hotel that I stayed in Taiping. The inside looked warm and nice – I like this shot because it shows the gradual change of the color orange from bright orange to dark orange. The lamp also looks “alien” with its 2 “arms up in the air”. Tag: Photography

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3 thoughts on “Playing with Oranges – Part 2”

  1. hhehehe it sure was misleading when i realised it wasnt about the dutch i assumed it was mandarin oranges ;p hehehe

    i like the last shot too n i have the lamp taking habit

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