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Islam Hadhari in action?

You tell me…

At first, it is the demolishment of 100 year old temple. Next, was the issue of relocation – from Police Watch Malaysia dated June 2006

MPPJ has ordered the relocation of the 60 years old Sri Kumaravel Hindu Temple serving some 5,000 devotees next to a sewerage pond and an electric sub station and high tension wire. The temple is presently sitting on a land earmarked for development by Mentari Properties Sdn Bhd

“Pada setiap masa yang material pihak tuan telah enggan / gagal / cuai mendapatkan satu Perintah Mahkamah sebelum bertindak terutamanya memandangkan yang perkara Kuil khususnya yang telah didirikan 60 tahun lebih yang lalu dan sekurang-kurangnya 10 tahun sebelum Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaan / penubuhan Majlis dan kemudiannya Majlis Perbandaran Bandaraya Petaling Jaya”

(At all material time, MPPJ and Petaling Land Office has failed to obtain a court order before acting despite the fact that the temple was built 60 years ago and at least 10 years before the independence)

So does this mean Samy Vellu’s gung-ho “talk” of getting the proposal of any demolishment to be reviewed by MIC / Hindu Sangam remains a “talk”?

Reading back to Islam Hadhari – if it was all meant to be fair and square – it has failed (freedom and independence to the people), failed (protection of the rights of minority groups and women) and failed (cultural and moral integrity).

However probably now people who talked about it the most will choose to keep quiet when it is implemented in a detrimental way to the minorities.

You tell me…

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