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Anger Management

The bleeding has started…LDP toll going up by 60 cents! I will talk on this and those greedy bastards soon.

What do you do when you find that the toll rates are going up and the government wants to do it quietly? What do you do when you find out that the government have spent RM600 million of public’s fund like nobody’s business for an exclusive sport event called the Monsoon Cup?

Well, until the next general election, all you can do is to blog about it, bitch about it, make small talk about it and for some (like ahem!), curse left right centre these politicians for a fast & fiery death. What else you can do right? Until you are scheming up on what will be the next course of action, take a short break by watching the real-life Simpsons:-


The real one is here.

Ya, now you can go back to your fast & fiery death curse on people who are elected to make your life miserable and “cheap”.

Trust me; it helps to bring down your blood pressure. Tag: Internet

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