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Flood & the Government

(Picture source: The Star)

That’s in Malaysia!

The picture kind of reminds of the time when I was flying over Bangladesh (after they had one of the worst flood in years) on the way back from Dubai last year.

In case you have wondered, Pak Lah is in Venezuela holidaying and staying clear of the emergency at home. It is left to Najib to take control of things here and do the necessary coordination from the Government end. Just to be sure that the people have not forgotten him, Pak Lah send out a message expressing his sadness over the flood situation and asked the Federal and state agencies to help the people (as if we do not know what to do).

So, you are left to wonder what kind of PM, Pak Lah really is.

The Government has asked the people and the big corporations to help out on the flood situation in Johor and several other states. As I watching the news yesterday, TV3 had even started a flood relief fund. This is good since the people affected by the flood needs all the help that they can get. I just hope that the Government has enough funds for the relief and reconstruction effort. After all, our Government is well known for wastage of resources and money for dubious and unnecessary projects.

How healthy is the Government financially?

When they spend like no body’s business, it is THE Government’s money but when it comes to allocate funds for some necessary projects (usually by anti-government NGOs and others), it is THE Public’s money.

Najib is saying that the Government will allocate more funds for the relief and construction cost (including reimbursing the large corporations who helped). The question is after they used some for the UMNO members and other projects, do they have enough for the flood victims?

The last thing we need is the Government increasing the cost (of toll, petrol, etc) to get the money for the relief and construction effort. It looks like we have to wait and see.

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