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I am having one heck of fever right now and it gets worse when one is sitting in an office where the air-conditioner is opened at the maximum. Luckily I had the day off yesterday and managed to catch up on some rest. But sitting under the air-conditioner today, the so-called yesterday’s rest hardly made any positive impact.

Ya, I got the above picture in my email this morning and it is probably close to describing the state of my body at the moment. It seems to be turning upside down on a perpetual basis.

And before I forget, I would like to wish a belated “Ponggal Valtugal” (Ponggal Wishes) to all who were celebrating it – at home, it was a usual affair. We got the sugar cane tied up at the entrance and the ladies at home were busy in the kitchen. The pot of milk and rice was cooked at the height of the prayers in the morning.

I been having the fever for the last 2 days – I suspected it must be due to the flu that I been contracted since last week (or worst, fever due to mosquito bite but luckily I don’t have the symptoms – keeping my finger crossed). I took some medication and the fever had gone down a bit. The sore throat had also gone but the flu was still there. Last night, I took one of the flu medications that made me feel drowsy and I went off to sleep.

As usual, I had weird nightmares (I wish I could blog about it – it was “so” weird) but luckily Aishwarya Rai being engaged to Abhishek Bachchan was not one of them.

I tried hard to do up a post for the blog but nothing came out from my mind – it could not care less at blogging at the moment. Probably this is why I hardly reacted when I saw the post on Pak Lah where the funding for USD50 billion involves a company being wound up and another that is known world wide for financial scams.

Hardly productive for the last 2 days and although the fever has gone down, I am stuck with a blocked nose. Sigh! Time for more rest Tag: Blogsphere

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