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Extra Order

(Day 28 in Dubai) 

The thing about working late and have not taken dinner early may NOT be a good thing.

Last night we had to stay back to fix an expected error and since we have not taken our dinner, we decided to order our dinner. Forget about Pizza Delivery in Sharjah because here most of the delivery services provide only Indian, Pakistan or Afghan food. After been having fried chicken for the last 2 days, we opted for a more “localised” food – chicken kebab and tikka.

We had a menu with us and one of the item on the menu was a combo meal of chicken kebab and tikka costing DHR10.00. Sound cheap and fast enough but when my buddy here ordered the food, he made a fundamental mistake – he ordered one set of chicken kebab and one set of chicken tikka (instead of one set of kebab-tikka!). The rest ordered kebab and briyani.

When we ordered, it was almost 9.30 pm and after 1 hour, the order still have not come. So, we guessed that the order been misplaced and been delivered to somewhere else. We could have called to check but since the earlier call was attended by a non-English speaking waiter, we gathered that it will be a waste of time to be explaining about the earlier order. Teaching Visual Basic to a 2 year old kid would been easier.

After waiting for almost one and half hour, we decided to call another restaurant and ordered almost the same thing. Thinking that it will be another 30 minutes before that order is delivered, me and my buddy walked down to get some drinks from a stall nearby.

That is when I saw my other colleague running down with a rather surprise face  – apparently the first order had just arrived after we have safely deemed it as “Missing In Action”. The delivery boy accidentally went to wrong office and after looking for the right place, finally managed to find us. So, we scrambled to cancel the second order but it was too late. The delivery boy is on the way with our second order.

Double wham bam I must say!

After struggling to finish eating the first order, we braced ourself for the second one. Almost everyone of us were too busy burping out the gas from the first order when there was a knock on the door. For the first time, we hated the sight of hot food but there was nothing much to do. Luckily my second order was less heavy, so I able to munch away but not so for my friend who just had chicken briyani. Somehow he became charitable and decided to “donate” the food away to the lonely security guard at the entrance (probably we get a salute from him, the next time he sees us).

With a heavy stomach, we continued to work – one part of our mind on the problem at hand and another on the full feeling of our stomach.

Extra order can be comical and tiring indeed.

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