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Royalty and the Government

A quote from Fahrenheit 9/11 was running through my mind this morning:-

Me: Was it all just a dream?

Pak Lah: The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, has the concerns of his people at heart, although he was born into royalty

Me: Did this statement came out from a politician’s mouth? Look, there’s Dr M. He’s often in my dreams, battling Pak Lah. And Tajol Rosli, he seemed so happy… like, like a miracle had taken place. Was it a dream? Or was it real?

What’s wrong with our politicians these days? When something noble, virtue, honest and down-right humble things happen and practised by people who are one level above the politicians, the politicians would either shoot it down by claiming that it is not possible in the current scenario or simply claim it as a cheap ploy by the oppositions or in the case of Regent of Perak, join the band-wagon and start praising the Regent on his decision. I for one have long regarded the royalty in this country to be on a class of their own and the royal family of Perak is no exception. Perak is one romantic state with lovely towns like Taiping and Kuala Kangsar to cherish memories forever.

So, when the Regent of Perak declined to use the state funds, it was not a big surprise – his personality speaks for himself. He for once and similarly to my own Sultan of Selangor who puts the concern of his people, irregardless of race and religion and ahead of any political belief, would have made all citizens in the state to be truly loyal subjects.

But at this juncture, I am led to recall the following incidents:-

1. RM600 million in disguise of “development funds” for UMNO heads just before the UMNO General Assembly – read Ronnie Liu’s post here

2. New jet plane for RM50 million – read Reuters’ post here

3. RM20 million security upgrade for PM’s resident- read about the breakdown in this post

Did the person in the government responsible for the above had the concerns of the people at their heart? Afterall, isn’t state money is nothing more and nothing less than tax-payers hard earned money? So, what the Regent of Perak did was not abnormal – he just did the right thing. Why waste the tax-payers’ money?

Can the thick-skinned seasoned policitians match (or at least come close) Regent of Perak’s act? Those who can – jump into limelight but for those who can’t…

Read an interesting pantun (poem) from Keris Silau on the subject – click here

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