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Another misleading statement?

(Toll charges without any care – Picture source: Bernama)

Just in case you have missed it!

I was reading TV Smith’s “A Tunnel Review” and one of his statement got me thinking. TV Smith said “Dear Samy said the toll will be higher than normal as the cost of construction is exceptionally high. His logic doesn’t hold any water. Does it mean motorists now have to subsidise KL’s flood alleviation initiatives too?”

Recently as reported in TheStar , the big mouth Indian said “The public should be prepared to pay higher tolls for the newly-opened road tunnel here because of its cost”. Add that statement from the Samy with TV Smith’s question, you are back thinking – which cost? The cost of the road or the entire of cost of the tunnel? If it is the road, then fine but if that fellow is saying the entire cost, then what happened to the money that was paid out to the contractors? Afterall, isn’t this part of government linked project and if so, tax-payers money involved? The total cost of the tunnel was about RM1.9 billion – how much of it went into the road building and how much of it went into flood alleviation initiatives?

If the cost cannot be distinguished between the two, then why make a misleading statement? Maybe this Samy is thinking that motorist will STILL trust his words?

And by the way, how did “rumored” RM4 toll charges surfaced and it was calculated? Another “wayang kulit” from Samy? So, if the toll charges when it is “officially” announced “just happen” to be less than RM4 but still higher than rest of the crap increased toll charges, does this means the Government have been charitable?

Samy – any more statements?

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