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Go to hell!


(Poster source: Mob1900)

If you are a blogger and you have not heard of Raja Petra by now, you must have been living in a cave…

You must have heard about the UMNO thick skinned politicians making police report against Raja Petra and Malaysia Today. As expected, the blogsphere is buzzing with posts on the possibility of a major crackdown of bloggers. But knowing Raja Petra who have made interesting revelations in his blog in the last few months, it is a matter of time before he comes out with another masterpiece to annoy the wrongdoers, probably driving them up to the wall with guilty conscience.

Go and read the latest post by Raja Petra titled “See you in hell Muhamad son of Muhamad” and you will be left wondering why we did not get this guy to be our Prime Minister.

If you are not interested in politics (as some of the youngsters out there claiming to be), then you will appreciate the beauty of Raja Petra’s writing style, finding gems like:-

Now, what is not clear is: why should Pak Lah be arrested and who would be the one who will arrest him? After all, Pak Lah is clean and has committed no crime — well, other than the Scomi government contracts, the ECM Libra insider trading, the Oil-for-Food scam, the RM600 million bribe to 191 Umno divisions, sabotaging Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Kubang Pasu, mismanagement of the RM1 billion a year Terengganu Oil Royalty, etc., etc., etc. This, I cannot comprehend, and unless this is made clear then I find this theory difficult to accept as well.

Guilty and not guilty at the same go! I wonder what will be next to be played out on bloggers.

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5 thoughts on “Go to hell!”

  1. Hmmm… it seems that RPK’s website is “down”. Mind you, that you can still run a TraceRoute program or ping the site, which proves that it is still online. I found that it is still reachable through the use of some proxy sites, which proves the point that access is blocked from Malaysia (i think). I wonder if our very own “TMNut” has got anything 2 do with it.

    proxy sites:

  2. isshh,…. it seems that RPK’s server was overloaded.. it wasnt blocked or anythg. I wished it was. Then we’d have more reason to criticize “some” people…

  3. I had read thru some of Petra blog and seem that some of the topic mention are questionable such as his comments with Petronas, but why only Petronas and not the other Oil company like Shell and Exxon and Talisma and Nippon and Murphy. Don’t they now that this company siphon billion of ringgit to their country and only invest 10% of it back to Malaysia.. Pls don’t kill the gosse that lay the golden egg.

  4. Man – certainly an interesting point of view but how many shares that Malaysians have (direct / indirect) in other oil companies, other than Petronas? Shouldn’t the shareholders enjoy the dividends? We have all this while – I don’t deny it. But how much it has been “wasted” on unnecessary expenses and crazy projects?

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