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Blogging 101: Flashback Of Blogging in Year 2007

It’s the time of the year again for a flashback of things to reflect how the year has been for this blogger. Overall for the country, it was not good but I managed to travel to new places and got busy with work, family and blogging.

The recap of main blog posts – month by month basis:-

January 2007

What is a New Year without a New Year Resolution? I managed to do up one.

I finally read on the Great Mahatma Gandhi and I learned that he had his ups and downs before becoming a saint.

Attack on bloggers started but the question is whether the buggers who calling for the attack has moral grounds to even call bloggers to be responsible

With just 4 years to go from 2008, will it be the end of World in 2012?

Start of many things to change for my beloved car this year

February 2007

If one is working in the IT industry, it will be a matter of time before one buys a laptop – whether it is for work or personal use, it is a big decision indeed

Threaten them or silence them – that is the policy of the Government of today

After change of car battery, shock absorbers was due next

The first flight out from the country for this year – next stop: Dubai

March 2007

In the hustle bustle of daily work, sometime we don’t realize how hard some people do their work. I felt humbled.

300 Spartans – bloody battles will not be the same anymore

April 2007

I never imagined this but I made history when traveled to Kabul

What! There is no chilly sauce in Kabul? I am screwed!

May 2007

It is just a matter of time before I see this in Kabul – convoy of foreign troops. The first was the French Army Convoy, then was the Turkish and later US troops

What is TDS? I never learned about it when I was in Malaysia but when in foreign country, knowing TDS levels was crucial between being healthy and being sick

New to Google Earth – I spotted my Grandma’s house from space. When I send her the snap shot, she got a shocked

I had an inspiration for a story based on the story line from “On the Lot” series

Far away from home and family – I missed my son’s 3rd birthday

June 2007

I held a fully loaded AK 47 in Kabul – a first in my life

Inspired by “On the Lot” series, I got an idea to direct a short film on the team from Kabul for my company annual dinner

Highlighted the lack of security in Astro website – all personal information on an unsecured website without a care from Astro

Some good things have to come to come a stop at one point of time. Perhaps uninspired with lack of settings on my digital camera, I stopped posting in my photo blog – it is a temporary stop of course

Singapore is not a real country – another foot in mouth statement from the well known moron in the Government

My wife’s tooth problem started – little I realized that this will have a bearing on her health for the next few months especially when the dentist gave a gastric deducing medication

July 2007

More sites unsecured – earlier I highlighted on Astro but more sites are found to be unsecured. When will the Malaysian corporate ever learn? After a full swing attack from the hackers and untold theft of personal information?

God is great, so does religious beliefs but when it comes to religion lunatics in Malaysia, there is no short supply of them. God is watching them very closely, so does the Satan

Partly inspired by old photos and comments from old school mates, here is a shot of my first day in school – old memories

Started to post some old photos – from an era where life was peaceful and easy-going

The Government and the never ending blogging paranoia from the Mis-information Minister

August 2007

My showcase have arrived and it made the living room more “presentable”. I finally had a place to put all the souvenirs from my travels from abroad

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia – there is no doubt of that!

Old memory – my dad’s old car, missing the ride on peppy small car

Bailout in sugar coating – the Transport Minister was out from the country and a lot of things seems to be swept under the carpet

Another bus tragedy – as usual, a lot of finger pointing and recommendations

Hectic journey had started – KLIA – Dubai – Kabul

September 2007

Tried not sleeping for 3 days? I have and the outcome is ugly!

Budget 2008 – Oppositions get into the act. Interesting development for the country

RPK started the petition to Agong, the catalyst for BERSIH rally and the subsequent HINDRAF rally

I updated the RSS URL for this blog

October 2007

Samy Vellu wants higher toll from 1st Jan 2008 – someone is making a huge profit somewhere and it is not the average Joe public

More money wasting ideas up in space – What do you expect of the money wasting government?

Harjit – the guest blogger, it is great to get in touch with old school mates, no matter which year they were in

November 2007

The extremists were at it again – a Hindu temple was demolished but little they realized that this sparked the Hindraf rally couple of weeks later. Samy Vellu was boo-ed off from the demolished temple site

Just in time to celebrate Deepavali in Malaysia – after all these years, did a small gathering for close friends & family members

Bersih, RPK and the Army – need to say more. Power to the people and let those in power for far too long that their days are numbered

My first post on Hindraf – a big impact on Indians despite it was played out by those in power

I almost fell on a slippery bathroom – one wrong hit on the head and rest would have been history!

Corruption goes extra wild – RM40,000 for a car plate number. Buggers in power are getting bolder and more arrogant

December 2007

No shortage of morons in the Government – trouble makers who often got scot-free every time they open their filthy mouth. Citizenship is not a bargain for Malaysians and if so, plenty of them from the ruling party would have lost their citizenship

MBPJ’s latest act of “Napoleanism” – we almost forgot about these power abusers until it is too late

After mulling about it, Government pressed the ISA button. So much so for the cheap talk of getting the trouble-makers to court but ISA did well to silence the opposed voices. That is democracy Malaysian style

New venture for the blog – my current read column. Something for the new year

Final Hindraf post for the year. A lot have happened and it will be a waste of human sacrifices if we have not learned our lessons and work towards a better Malaysia in the New Year

Happy 2008 New Year to the readers of this blog (thanks for keeping the blog alive), fellow bloggers (hope we make a stronger impact on the “opposed” voices) and fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia (remember we are in this together irregardless of the color of our skin, culture and religion)

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