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Something very fishy!


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Whilst we been busy with the Hindraf issue, the “Little Napoleons” have been quietly busy with something else too.

Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) have revised the procedure for all hair salons, beauty centres, massage parlours and cyber cafes in Petaling Jaya for licences application if they want to continue operations next year.

Nothing wrong with it, after all annual licence applications and renewals is part and parcel of city administration but this is what I don’t get:-

Another new requirement is the compulsory registration of customers of their names, identity card numbers, nationality and addresses. The records must be available for inspection by council officers at any time.

That is where it starts to stink.

Assuming you needed a hair cut and just “happen” to be near a hair salon in Petaling Jaya. You walk in for a quick haircut, only to be asked by owner to provide your full name, addresses and identity card number. The first question that you will ask is “what for” – right? If the hair salon insists on getting the details, you probably will walk away to another shop. Or you will give or collaborate with the owner to input false information. Who is going to spend time checking, you may ask yourself.

When businesses raised the same concern, this was the response:-

A council licensing department officer said, however, that hair salons would not need to get all the details but just the names and identity card numbers of their customers. The officer said a more detailed explanation on the requirement would be given to business operators when they send in their fresh applications for the licences.

When contacted, Kampung Tunku assemblyman and MBPJ councillor Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou said the new ruling was implemented because there were new bylaws passed by the state for all municipal councils to follow.

Names and identity card number for just a haircut? Ya, right! It sure smells fishy here. Just what the Little Napoleons trying to do? Go after the people who frequent the hair salons and cyber cafes and impose their own set morality?

And just what the State Government is trying to do here if not for…for…hey, wait a minute. Does it make sense now? Is this another way for the State Government to close down hair salons, beauty centres, massage parlours and cyber cafes without directly closing them down? Doesn’t the massage parlours and cyber cafes been deemed as “sinful” place by some religion zealots? What a quick but indirect way to shut down these sinful places?

You break the law – bam! The shop is sealed off or the license is revoked. Businesses will definitely suffer too – who in the sound mind want to visit salons where their names, addresses and identity numbers are taken and passed to the State Government. Who knows what will happen once this piece of information is taken down? Sold in a bulk to “identity thieves”? Or put into a big database to monitor who and when visits to hair salons, beauty centres, massage parlours and cyber cafes? And one day, go after these clients?

If the Government wants to make law, it is fine by me but it has to be logical and practical as well. Why the big secrecy on the details? Why they have to wait until the business operators submits their applications? If it is a law that will be implemented, isn’t it better to let the details out early – so that the business operators will be more prepared and inform their clients? Will MPPJ come out in the open and be more transparent about this little “requirement”?

What’s next? Name, address and identity card number when I visit the public toilet? This stinks man!

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5 thoughts on “Something very fishy!”

  1. These bastards have no bull sense. Is there any where in the world, where you have to disclose your personal details before getting your hair cut. It stings to heaven. That stupid Datuk Wong, is this the way he serves the people. He should be lynched – no questions asked. He is in the take as well, as all these regulations are there to aid corruption. What is his percentage? Free hair cut may be but the bulk goes to the council. If I were him I would renounce his Datukship, resign, and earn a living by selling what..I don’t know.

  2. Aarvidi – MPPJ well known corruption cases in the past (remember the bill board fiasco last time?), so it was little surprise when this “ruling” came about. I really interested to know why name and identity number – what is the “ultimate” use for it?

  3. I can’t see the reason. Perhaps, it is the “Big Brother” attitude, “I know what you did last night”. Even that stinks. Alternatively, there is no good reason at all, except a new way to hustle money as other avenues are being closed, or greed for more money.

  4. Can someone please find out whether P.J. residents needs to apply for some kinda annual licence to sleep with their wifes & etc? Would they also be required to record name, IC no, duration and etc to facilitate the council’s inspectors? Well ! don’t be suprised if a new bylaw is being tabled right now………..What kinda rubbish is this?

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